Saturday, 3 June 2017

Dear Diary- May 2017

Hurrah! It's finally June, which is my favourite month of the whole year. While we leave spring behind for 2017, i'm reflecting on a very crazy May!!

Life Lately 

This month started off with a dinner for my girls, which was the first time since I moved in that I managed to have them all over! It was an evening of Slimming World greek feasts, prosecco, cookies and girl chat (sorry David that you had to listen in while you were editing!)

I have been continuing my Invisalign treatment, and actually it's getting less painful every time I change my tray. On the last day of May I changed to my 5th tray which means i've been wearing braces for 8 whole weeks! In 2 weeks i'll be a 1/4 way through my treatment, and that's crazy.

We then cleared our 'junk room' with every intention of setting up David's new office! I started painting...and I got about half way round the room when our May plans came to a sudden holt!

Our kitty Blossom broke her Pelvis!!! I'm going to do a separate post explaining everything, but in a nutshell she jumped out of our 2nd floor sky light (we're in a 3 storey house)! She had to have an operation and now she's on 4 weeks crate rest (currently served 2 week hard time). She is on the mend though and doing fine which has been a huge weight lifted. It has consumed a lot of our time and everything that was in our junk room is still in our bedroom!! So stressful.

I was lucky enough that David has lots of wedding editing to do and stayed in with Blossom the last weekend of May, as it gave me the chance to; pick up my friends wedding dress with her, go to a wedding reception and visit my friends in Nottingham which was a well needed break from everything!

Seeing my Uni girls in Nottingham was so nice, especially as I hadn't seen Hannah since like...October? I had a very important question to ask them...and luckily they said yes!! They will both be two of my bridesmaids next year, and i'm so happy!!

May Loves

Rock & Roll Bride
Costco cookies
Hanging Baskets
Cones of Shame (not a love for Blossom though)
Vets <3
Cherry Chapstick cocktails
Downton Abbey
Evening walks
Caesar Salads
Cream Teas
Prezzo Pasta

Lessons Learned And Reflections

Don't leave top floor windows open, and get better pet insurance!!!

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