Sunday, 2 April 2017

Dear Diary- March 2017

So! How did we spend the first month of spring?

Life Lately 

Looking at our Instagram round up gives me all the feels! It's so green and full of flowers and life, and seeing images like this makes me so excited for the year ahead. 

Once you blow away the cobwebs of winter, I always feel so much happier and more inspired! My Mum always says around this time of year "isn't it lovely to know that we have all the spring and summer to look forward to" and it really is!

This month we saw 2 more wedding venues which we absolutely fell in love with. First was a quiet country house in my Mum's home village where my Grandparents used to live, and the other was a stunning pavilion overlooking a stunning pond and water feature, surrounded by a field of sheep! Neither of us want to get married in a church or a hotel, so these two venues have been our top 2 so far, and I think we know which we'll go with!

We finally let the kittens outside for the first time! We are yet to have a cat-flap fitted, as this will be a big job (it will have to go in our double glazed patio doors). But they like to have a leap around the garden before their food in the morning and evening! I think I will do an updated post on how they are getting on soon!?

We also had the pleasure of meeting Anna this month, which was lovely. Her and David took a trip to Castle Ashby, and took some absolutely beautiful photographs!

The end of the month was particularly exciting for David, as Google shared his work on their Instagram weekly feature! 

March Loves

Flowers in the house
Mothers Day dinner
Wedding Venues
Wedding Fairs
Garden makeover plans
Birthday meals
Being able to dry my clothes outside!
Country park walks with Ernie

Lessons Learned And Reflections

Don't push your luck!

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