Saturday, 18 March 2017

One Year In The House

Oh my actual god. How did that even happen? We have officially been in our house ONE WHOLE YEAR!

It’s so weird to think that this time a year ago we were bringing the last of our stuff into the new place, and getting ready to spend our first night!

I remember it so clearly! We didn’t have any internet or any cables to plug our TV into, so we spent the evening watching DVDs on our laptops. We didn’t even have a fridge at this point, so we ordered pizza and ate it amongst unopened boxes.

And that was the start! The start of our next chapter together, we were FINALLY independent and FINALLY living together! 

What has changed in a whole year you say? Not a lot…

We still have about 3 boxes to unpack, we have one room we have never used because it’s full of said boxes, and we are yet to get any blinds or curtains (apart from the kitchen at least).

What has changed? We have started on the garden a bit, we have 2 kittens and I think we have pretty much established how we want to decorate this year!

My focus on this place has shifted in recent months, weirdly because we got engaged! 
You would think that before we needed to plan a wedding, we’d have bags of time to focus on interiors and ‘crack on’ with things. But nah..

Over last summer through to Christmas I was in such a slump, and completely unmotivated to make this place look ‘ours’. 

But my mind works in weird ways, and now we have a wedding to plan, I have also decided to be more proactive with things like this blog, and turning this place into our dream home!

So… What are my plans for the next couple of months?

Finish the downstairs toilet; Putting up the wallpaper, towel hook and finding a trailing plant for my Grandma’s indoor hanging basket/pot!

Put pictures up the stairs. My Aunt has old black and white family photos hung in her hallway, and it’s something I have always wanted to do as well. We both need to dig out some classics and find some mismatched frames!

Finish the kitchen. I want to put up a bar over the radiator, tile the main kitchen area, fit a cat flap in the patio doors and put up pictures!

Over the next few months, I’m going to dig up my boarders and start planting bits and pieces. I also want a bench with a trellis to grow roses, wisteria or clematis over, and some more garden furniture. I’m also on the hunt for a chiminea and a BBQ! Not to mention a store to hide the ugly recycling bins!

I would like to put some pictures and shelves up in here, and get some cushions and blinds. It’s only our spare room, but I want it to look so much cosier.

This is next on my to-do list. The lounge! We have set our sights on some really cute floral wallpaper, and I want to put up some floating shelves from IKEA. We are desperate to get a book shelf as well in here so that we can unpack all our art and photography books, making space in our…! Next month we are hoping to get an iMac for David, and we really need to get the study cleared out and set up into a proper work space by then! It’s such a shame we have left it a whole year, because it’s the perfect space for being creative-something I think both me and David are lacking in our down time, which we hate!

I am also DYING to get our bedroom looking cosy, and you know…just a place you want to come and relax in! At the moment it’s just so bleh and boring! I really think a lovely bedroom makes you more rested, and after the lounge and the study this will be next on my list! Even if it means at least finish painting the drawers.

So yeah, these are my immediate plans for the house, and I’m going to give myself a 3-month deadline…so lets see how I get on! Wish me luck!

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