Thursday, 23 March 2017

My 30 Favourite Instagrams

Something a bit different and fun on the blog today, I wanted to share my top 30 favourite Instagram accounts!

I absolutely love Instagram. I find it such an inspiration and I could spend so long scrolling through my favourites, as I find the whole process so therapeutic. I love images and photography, and I find peeping into other peoples lifestyles and worlds fascinating (which is why I also love the blogging and vlogging world). Some of the following people may not know it, but at times when I have felt down they have really brightened my day! From their insta their humorous a beautiful interior shot, they always inspire me to pick myself up!

So! Here we go! I hope you discover someone new who can bring you some joy to your day!

I couldn't start this post without mentioning Rebecca. She probably doesn't know this (so sorry for being a complete stalker), but I have been following her Instagram since before I even had an account! A friend and old housemate of David's, he has followed her since they both first started up their accounts after their photography course at uni. Every time I met up with David I would ask him if I could 'have a go on Instagram' so I could see what Rebecca had been snapping and to see her cute westie Bella! She was one of the first people I knew to truly develop an Instagram theme/signature style and I have always shared her love for flowers and white interiors! 

Dominique is a new Instagram that I have recently discovered and I'm in love! I love a reoccurring feature on an Instagram, and the #allthatisthree feature she does with her two daughters is adorable! She also has two photogenic bunnies which I always look forward to seeing pop up on my feed. She has also inspired me to arm knit my own throw this year, which I hope turns out as beautiful as hers!

I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Anna from thislastmoment, and she was as lovely in person as I had imagined! I met Anna through blogging, and her blog is one of my favourites! There is a calming comforting quality to her Instagram feed, and she just makes me want to cosy up and relax! I also love her film photography she has been doing recently, as she has a lovely ethereal style.

I first discovered Hannah's blog when I read one of her popular posts on being a 20 something girl when it went viral on Facebook (or Buzzfeed I can't quite remember)! Ever since then I have followed her blog, subscribed to her Youtube channel and I love her Insta feed. In particular I love her OOTD posts as I think she has such a great style. She has even inspired me recently to have a mooch around my local Matalan as she always styles the best pieces from there! Oh..and seeing her cute kitties make an appearance is always appreciated!

The thing I love about Andie's instagram is the mix between snippets of her interiors and her location shots of architecture and local shops/cafes. Each shot is perfect and she has a real eye for detail and quality-which is important in the perfect gram!

I'm sure most of you reading this know exactly who Poppy is! But for those who don't, she is a blogger and instagram sensation at the moment- oh and she is the sister of vlogger Alfie Deyes (but she is very much girl bossing it on her own!). Her love of baking and photography is evident, and we share an appreciation of the popular orange trend at the moment! Just in general, her insta feed is really easy on the eye and a good peppy pick me up!

 Jen is another uni friend of David's and has the most mouth watering Instagram feed ever! Not only is she an amazing food photographer, her baking is envy worthy! Every time she uploads something it makes me want to bake, and then I remember I can't!

 These two are so adorable. Robert and Christina have a shared Instagram account, and document their house renovations and trips around the world together. They have amazing style and her hair is flawless! In fact I love her whole wardrobe!

Laura is an old school friend of mine who has moved up North in recent years, and i'm so jealous of where she lives! The landscapes around her and the way the captures them are mesmerising! I have always admired her intelligence, but I had no idea how amazing she was at photography until I followed her on Instagram!

Another blogger, Jules's Instagram is so lovely and bright- and oh so floral! She creates some beautiful flat lays and loves a quirky front door as much as do I! She occasionally features her adorable little boy, and she used to have the most stunning bird Frankie who sadly passed away recently.

Philippa Stanton, the queen of flat lays! Last year I loved her Insta so much that I bought her calendar so that I could display her pictures all year round. I love her behind the scenes shots of her work space and gardens, but the flat lays she creates are so beautiful!

I can only describe Amy's Instagram as cute! It's just so cute! Her selfies, her cat, her nature shots! She has recently moved to Exmouth, and I love how she brings us along her coastal and country walks!

Cara's Instagram speaks for itself, and her Insta stories are probably my favourite out of everyones! She is Mum goals, and documents her family life in her beautiful country house. Her two little boys are absolutely adorable and she makes me so excited to have a family. Also, I have major clothes and hair envy with Cara!

Before there was Matthew, there was darcytheflyinghedgehog, but she sadly died in 2015. However a little while later, came Matthew, and he's the sweetest little thing anyone ever did see! I love how Shota places him in the coolest poses with the best props! Expect to see topical themes like the latest movies or holidays!

If you love Harry Potter, Lush, Essie, flowers, glitter and flat lays as much as I do, then Sophie is the Instagram for you! I also follow Sophie's blog, and her pictures bring a beautiful burst of colour to my feed every time she posts.

I discovered Maia's Instagram through a mutual friend, and I'm obsessed with her style. Between her quirky fashion, amazing hair changes and retro interiors she is by far one of the coolest Mums I follow! I have been following since she was pregnant with her daughter, and it has been lovely to see her journey through motherhood. She dresses Brontë in the most adorable vintage outfits, and she also makes me so excited to be a Mum.

Again, i'm sure most of you already know Lily, but incase you don't you are welcome! I am a huge fan of her Youtube channel, and equally her Instagram. I think she is so stunning, and always has the best hair and make up. I have also really enjoyed her wedding pictures and following her honey moon journey this year.

I'm an absolute sucker for an illustrator, and Kate Wilson is no exception! The clue really is in the title, and she creates the tiniest sketches which have so much detail it is unbelievable. They are so sweet, and I particularly love the birds, which are a reoccurring feature throughout her work.

What draws me to Emma's feed is the simplicity of it. I love her minimal interiors and casual style, along with her kooky tattoos! We also share a plant and candle obsession, however sadly I don't share her love of reading! But my god, that girl has an enviable book collection! I also love how she uses the light in her pictures, and they never look over edited and very natural.

Bridie was also one of the first people I ever followed on Instagram! I met Bridie back in like...2011 and she was also one of reasons I decided to create my own Instagram (back before it was as big as it is now!) I feel like she has always been ahead of the aesthetic game, her images are always on point and high quality. I love her eye for colour and detail, not to mention her fashion, beauty and interior taste!

Chloé... girl after my own heart! I always notice that we have a very similar taste; down to cars, embroidered shirts from Zara, Cambridge Satchels and Vans. Every picture she uploads I think 'love it' and she always gives me great style and colour inspiration!

Why this girl isn't a verified account is beyond me, at almost 1 million followers she has us all dying of jealousy every time she posts. If you love travel, photography and the great outdoors...hit that follow button! Just do it...if you hadn't already that is! I'll let her feed do the talking.

I have followed Brittany's Insta and blog (and previous blogs) since pretty much the beginning, and I have seen it develop into the amazing platform it has become! She is a style guru! I have quite a similar aesthetic (albeit nowhere near as cool or well put together) and she is a huge inspiration for me.

I was already obsessed with Rebecca's feed back when she was 'Girl About Chelts'! Since David moved home from Cheltenham I have missed it so much- as it was so pretty. So I used to love seeing Rebecca's adventures with her family 'about chelts', and admired the amazing renovation they did on the house! Then they moved to Panama, and it's even better! She has 2 of the most adorable children in the world and it's so sweet watching them grow up! She was probably the first 'family' instagram I followed and now i'm hooked!

Kim from sweetmondayblog always inspires me to get out and explore my surroundings! She frequently takes pictures of my two favourite things; indulgent food and beautiful houses! I also really love her style, and her hair is always on point!

Bex lives my absolute dream life! A lovely west country home with her fiancée and cute puppy, she explores her surroundings and seems to live the ultimate cosy life! As a partnership, her and her  fiancée run an illustration company from home which I am a huge fan of! Speaking of which...

As a lover of illustration myself, i'm obsessed with Rebecca and Karl's style! I love their wedding invite designs and framed pieces around their home. They have inspired me to do a few pieces myself for our own home this year, as it just adds that personal touch! If you dig excellent calligraphy and delicate florals, wildflowerillustrationco is the stationary brand for you! 

What I love the most about Katy Mitten, is the monochromatic aesthetic to her feed. I love her white walls and black and white pictures, with the occasional cute kitty thrown in for good measure! She is also another 'comfort gram' for me- and she always makes me excited for the weekend, getting into my jammies, and curling up on the sofa!

Glasgow dwelling, Kate is ultimate interior goals! Her apartment is flawlessly pinterested from head to toe! She has everything I love, marble, plants, gold details, beautiful flooring and now a cute fluffy kitten! I also subscribe to her youtube channel which you should also check out.

Last but not least, I couldn't list my favourite Instagrams without mentioning David! A little plug and maybe biased, but I think he has one of the most inspirational beautiful feeds. His passion for photography is emulated through his grid, and he uses the platform to display his art and editing skills! He sometimes uploads the occasional SLR image and film shot, and is very much enjoying his recent switch to the Google Pixel phone! 

WOW. That post took a really long time to do!! But it was so worth it. I've wanted to share my favourite grams for so long.

If you have any recommended accounts that you think I'd love please share them below. Especially some guys as i'm SO aware that my post is completely female heavy!
Have a lovely day...and happy snapping!

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