Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Why I Love Garden Centres At Christmas

It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, I love garden centres! But there is something that little bit extra special about them at Christmas...and heres why!

It's a great way to pass the time! If you have some downtime before the full force of Christmas kicks in, even if it's just 1 hour, garden centres are the most tranquil place to just have a walk about. There is a lovely atmosphere with the Christmas songs, lights hung up and some crisp air. I used to come here with my Grandparents a lot when I was little, so there is a nostalgic side to it as well for me.

The smells! Everywhere you turn in a garden centre you will be surrounded by the best smells! Everything from Christmas scented candles, real trees, winter plants and the cafe!

Speaking of the cafe! Garden centre cafes are the perfect place to sit and relax after you've spent a while outside picking your tree! By that point you are usually cold and could do with a festive drink and something hearty to warm you up!

Decorations! Our local garden centre divides it's decorations into colour themes, making it easier to pick the one you want. For the past two years me and Dave have been collecting our decorations from here in the January sales, but this year we'll be treating ourself to a couple of new ones!

Picking a tree and a wreath! Some people get their trees other places, but a garden centre is a great place to get one. You have everything under one roof and you can get everything from the stand to the lights to go with it. I also really really want a real wreath this year, but i'm undecided if i'll make one or buy one ready made at the moment.

I also love looking around the winter plants and learning about what is in season this time of year. I really want to get my garden looking great all year round, so this winter i've been keeping my eyes pealed so I know what to prep for next year. I'm also planning on sprucing up my hanging basket and pot all festive this weekend!

Garden centres have the best gifts! Think things like chutneys, beer, hampers, candles, fancy chocolate, treats for your pets, kitchenware and well...plants!

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