Saturday, 3 December 2016

10 Ways To Coax Out The Christmas Spirit

Weirdly, it's taken me a little time to get into the Christmas Spirit...

Usually, it kicks in around October when you start to see the odd Christmas card or mince pie for sale while you're doing your weekly shop. But for some reason this year I just haven't felt it. I assumed that because it was our first year in the house and we had these two new kittens around that we'd be like kids again, super excited to decorate the house and start Christmas shopping! But nah. 

Maybe i'm still feeling the stress of the move! It's amazing how long it takes for you to feel settled when you move into a new house. I still feel like I haven't got the house looking as cosy and homely as I wanted it to by Christmas, but it's getting there! I decided I needed to pull myself out of the slump and force myself to love Christmas again like I used to. So that got me thinking, what is it I love so much about it all? I thought back to my childhood all the way up to now to what used to spark that Christmas spirit, and decided I need to go through this list to get me kick started!

1. Buy 1 or 2 new decorations. It's a perfect excuse to mooch through the Christmas sections in John Lewis and Home Sense.

2. Treat yourself to a festive candle. I bought the Yankee All Is Bright back in October. It smells insane, and not toooo Christmassy which I loved. Jo Malone and White Company also do really lovely festive scents. 

3. If you have Sky, they have Christmas music channels! Every Saturday for the past like..3 weeks I have had Christmas songs on a loop to get me excited! I think it's slowly but surely working (even if it is pissing David off a tad!)

4. Indulge in a festive themed drink or food. My favourites are the gingerbread lattes from Nescafé, and the felafel festive sandwich from boots!

5. Go on a winter walk. Theres nothing quite like putting on a woolly hat and taking a dog for a walk around Christmas. Ernie has his own array of winter coats and Christmas jumpers, so that always helps!

6. Attend the light switch on in your town. I never ever went to this as a child, but when I went to Uni, coming home to see my towns lights on was one of my favourite things about Christmas. So for the past 3 years i've made sure I attended the light switch on to soak up some of that festive magic!

7. Go to Christmas fetes and vintage markets! A couple of years ago, me and Dave went to the cutest country house for a vintage market and we treated ourselves to a roast dinner at the villages local pub afterward. It really was one of the loveliest days! Ever since then it's been a tradition of ours each December to find another in a different town, and it's so cosy being in a country pub when the fires burning and their tree is up!

8. Visit a garden centre! When I was little, my Grandma would take me to garden centres all the time, and it was always somewhere I loved going. But there is something extra special about going at Christmas with all the decorations up, and then treating yourself to a hot chocolate and a toasted sandwich at the cafe after a little walk round smelling the real trees and wreaths.

9. Spend hours scrolling through all the inspiring food/decoration/wrapping ideas on Pinterest! If you're a visual person like I am...Pinterest is great to get you in the spirit of Christmas, as it inspires you with ideas!

10. Put on some cosy wintery films! Every November we sit down and watch all the Harry Potters, and I have a rule that I can't watch a Christmas film until i've finished. I always find that by time i'm on the Deathly Hallows i'm itching to watch a Christmas film, and I was right this year! I am desperate to watch The Tailor Of Gloucester and Love Actually!

How do you get yourself into the Christmas Spirit?

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