Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Going It Alone

Another year is almost up for the 5YMB, and we’ve decided to make some changes going forward.

2 Years ago we decided to create this blog together, as a creative outlet and somewhere to share our memories. The blog is definitely my baby, I’m the one with the diary, and without that this blog probably wouldn't exist! Since May I have been really slack with the diary, and every couple of months I have to go back through my pictures and text messages to make notes on what I did that day! I am determined to keep that book full! Because of the diary being a bit all over the place I had sort of fallen out of love with this blog! I have been so busy with the house this year that I never felt like I had the time to share anything, and I have kind of forgotten what the point of the whole blog was. 

After sitting back and discussing things through with David we have decided on a new format that will inject some more fun into the blog. We still want it to be a joint venture, but we have decided that from now on it will be written from my perspective. After blogging together for two years, we have just kind of naturally fallen into our roles, with mine being more vocal and Dave being chief photographer (obviously!) I am constantly jotting ideas down and wanting to talk about bits and pieces we’ve been up to, but it’s always the photos that hold the post up. So from now on I’m going to be setting David with photo briefs that I’d like to accompany my writing, and that way it gets David back into shooting personal work again for fun!
Oh... and BLOGMAS!

I have planned a lot of fun and exciting stuff to document for Blogmas which I’m hoping I have the time to crack on with, because blogging around Christmas is always fun. With this being our first Christmas in the house, we want to share our experiences on here…so it should be a good read if I manage a good work/life/blog balance over December.

Thanks for continuing to read! I know I don’t get to post much…but this is only our hobby blog afterall!

Oh, and I hope you like the new banner?
*Disclaimer. As post went to press I decided I hated the new banner, thus it's been changed back!*

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