Saturday, 12 November 2016

Dear Diary- October 2016

We nearly didn't do this post because it's been a while since it was October! But hey! It's better late than never! This will be the last Dear Diary in this format! More on that to come in a different post.

Where We've Been

David: I started October with shooting my last wedding of the year, and it was a fun one too! You can find the photos from it here:
Me & Hayley also took a week off work so we could just chill around the house & so I could edit too. It felt like my birthday on the 20th creeped up out of nowhere, but I had a lovely weekend and my brother came to visit too which was nice!

Hayley: October felt like one of the longest months ever! Summer went so quickly in the new house, and before I knew it the nights were getting darker and we were having to dig out our wooly jumpers. We started out the month with a week off and did a couple of shoppings trips to get us into the Christmassy mood (which i'm still not in by the way!) We also visited my Dad, which was a lovely weekend away! Then it was David's birthday and we went out for a nice dinner one evening, before picking up our brand new kittens the weekend after! After we brought them home, we have spent a lot of time in the house playing with them and getting them settled.

What We've Been Watching

David: Aside from watching The Walking Dead & American Horror Story on the Fox channel, I've got really into Westworld on Sky Atlantic. Its an incredible big budget sci-fi series with a tonne of great actors in it, so I strongly recommend that show!

Hayley: We finally finished Sex and the City, which i'd say basically filled up most of October! I forgot how long that series actually was. When we finished that we watched both films which I love (even if the 2nd was a bit of a flop!). With Halloween in full swing, we decided to watch Stranger Things towards the end of October which we soon became OBSESSED with! I cannot wait for series 2!!!

What We've Been Listening To

David: Someone at work told me about a band called Sticky Fingers and since then I've been listening to their album "Westway" loads. They're a bit of a mix between Jamie T & Catfish & The Bottlemen, really cool and catchy though! I also made myself a Halloween playlist, so I was listening to that a lot. One of my favourite tracks on it is Halloweenhead by Ryan Adams though, just incase you haven't heard it!

Hayley: Before we got the kittens, we had planned to go away Halloween weekend to a party, and I was asked to make an ultimate R&B playlist for it! It was epic to be fair...and i've spent all October listening to it it is for anyone that is interested:

What We've Bought

David: I didn't actually buy anything with my birthday money, but I did get a Zara Man voucher from my brother so I'm looking forward to spending that on some new clothes!

Hayley: I finally bought a car!!! My old car was ok, but it really was time for me to update it and get a newer model. I decided to do the ultimate basic bitch cliche and I got a white Fiat 500! I don't even care about the basic bitch stigma...they are lovely cars and it's the best thing i've ever bought! I have also treated myself to a couple of Christmas decorations and a shit tonne of kitten stuff!!! Oh... and two kittens! We have been taking so many pictures of them, so expect a blog post soon.

Lessons Learned And Reflections

David: Enjoy the little things in life. It's ok to sit around and do nothing too!

Hayley: Look after your mental health and your health health! Just look after yourself.

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