Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Dear Diary- November 2016

Merry December all! We have two firsts today! The first post of Blogmas, and the first Dear Diary that I’m writing all on my lonesome! 

Life Lately 

This month started off amazing as we were both invited to my best friend’s bonfire party, where we witnessed her boyfriend propose to her in front of her whole family! There were fireworks! (LOL i'm so funny)! It was so special to see my oldest friend get engaged, and naturally we were straight to the pub the next day- wedding magazines at the ready!

I then had a long weekend alone with the kittens when David went to Newcastle for a wedding. It was the longest I’ve spent in the new house (can I still call it the new house?), and it was ok actually! I don’t like spending time on my own and I’m just not an independent person, but having the kittens around made it so much easier as I felt like I was in good company. They have really made the place feel cosy and like a home.

Sadly I visited my Granddad for the last time this month. I wrote about him last year, but since then his health (mental and physical) had really declined. He had been living with dementia for about 5 years, and it’s so sad to slowly lose someone you love over that time. Up until this summer he used to chit chat with us, even though it never really made much sense. But over the last 3 months he just kind of stopped talking, and to be honest when he passed away it was a comfort to know that he wasn’t suffering anymore.

Current Loves
  • Harry Potter Marathons (yearly November tradition)
  • Emelie Sande’s new album <3
  • The Christmas decorations up at garden centres!
  • Gingerbread Lattes (and I don’t usually like coffee!)
  • The Christmas Music Channels on Sky
  • Also..."Gold Christmas" on Sky for old Christmas specials like The Vicar of Dibley, Ab Fab and Gavin & Stacey
  • Rose Gold Hair (going to go darker in December)
  • Festive food back in the shops
  • Jo Malone perfume (that I can’t have until Christmas day! Wahh!)
  • Upcycling old furniture
  • Boomerang-ing the kittens on snapchat (hayleylp89 btw)
  • Ernie’s new parka

Lessons Learned And Reflections

You can love your own company, and you are capable of looking after yourself. Also, hold onto life while you still have it in you.

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