Friday, 7 October 2016

Dear Diary- September 2016

Hello Autumn! Where did you come from? We used to dread September because it meant colder and darker nights, but as we get older we look forward to Winter more and more! 

Where We've Been

David: Last month really felt like it flew by! As we had a few guests at the house in September we really focused on making the house a bit more homely (even though there's so much more we want to do!) In preparation for that, we did a local car boot sale to help get rid of some stuff, which I quite enjoyed as it's a bit of novelty really. 

Hayley: At the beginning of the month we came back from holiday, which was lovely (pics here). I then had to prepare the house for my two besties from Uni coming to stay! Liz and Han hadn't visited the new place yet and it had be AGES since we'd all hung out. I had such a lovely weekend with them even though it rained, and I took them to my home town pubs! I've also spent a little bit of time on the garden in September! We finished painting the shed and I also potted up some new Autumn friendly flowers and hanging baskets! I want to try my hand at wreath making this year, so i'm currently researching that.

What We've Been Watching

David: I've started watching TV again mainly due to the return of American Horror Story, so I've made an exception & started watching that. This month however sees the return of The Walking Dead so I literally can't wait for that.

Hayley: Most of my TV shows came to an end recently, so we've started up Sex and the City again! I love re-watching these, but I only do it every 2 or 3 years! I'm dying to finish the box set (and the two has to be done!) because I really want to start watching Stranger Things with David! And I need to squeeze that in before Halloween...because then it's scary films, followed by Harry Potter and then Christmas films!! I have a very (sad) tight viewing schedule coming up haha!

What We've Been Listening To

David: I've given Frank Oceans new album a couple of listens, which has made me come to the conclusion that there's only a few tracks that I actually like. Worth a listen just for those though.

Hayley: A few songs i've been loving this September are Sia's The Greatest (I also love her video in memory of the LGBT who were killed in the Orlando shooting). I'm also still loving Craigs new music, and he released his album right at the end of September, so spilling into October I've been listening to that- and I love it!

What We've Bought

David: My biggest spend last month was paying for my car to be fixed, so I couldn't afford to treat myself!

Hayley: Hmm...we had to be super tight this month because of holiday and then our friends I havn't properly treated myself to anything really! I've bought a couple of Lush products to see me through these warm baths on the cold evenings, and apart from that...I seemed to buy a lot of cheesecake this month!! Eek.

Lessons Learned And Reflections

David: When problems arise, stay calm and keep your cool.

Hayley: I need to be more strict with my spending, and a bit more money savvy!

September 2015

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