Sunday, 2 October 2016

11 Plans For A Week Off Work

At least once a year, we like to book a week off work where we have no major plans or places to visit. In that week, we like to fill it with budget friendly fun and it gives us a chance to unwind and tackle some things we've been putting off!

A Little Feng Shui

We want to have a move around in some of our rooms this week, trying out our furniture in different rooms/positions. you know when you feel like something isn't quite right? I ended up moving the TV and sofa around yesterday but i'm not quite sure about it. Something has to change though, i'm determined to get the house feeling cosy and welcoming by Christmas! I also want to swap the furniture around a bit between our room and the spare room!

A DIY Project

I started reupholstering some chairs, probably back in July now! They've been shoved in our study sort of half finished ever since and I really want them done by the end of this week. I've been filming the project, so that will also be something i'd like to finish editing this week- which means I can finally upload my first video!

An Art Project

We have one tiny picture of us in this house, in a small frame in our bedroom. Thats it! I'd like to have more around but I just find the thought of having a bigger picture of us up somewhere a bit cheesy, maybe you should wait for wedding photos to do things like that? Butttt, what I would like to do is have an illustration up of us somewhere. My illustration and collage art is quite abstract so it wouldn't be like a portrait or anything, I think i'll give it a go this week!

Fresh Air

I plan on getting out this week! We spend most of our days in doors, so this week it will be nice to get out with Ernie to some different villages and country parks and soak up some of that crisp Autumn sun!

Autumn/Winter 2016 Wardrobe

Since we moved in, we've sort of shoved our clothes away and i'm never really sure what to wear each day. We've recently bought ourselves a clothes rail, and what I'd like to do is plan some staple work and weekend outfits for Autumn/Winter and keep them sort of revolving on the rail. That way, I think it will reduce how much washing we do, and encourage me to keep on top of the ironing. I also think it will help me refine my style a bit more, and a couple of new bits thrown into the mix won't hurt. Maybe a cheeky trip to Milton Keynes this week at some point?

Reclaim the Study

At the moment, our study is a bit of a dumping ground for things that don't have a home! I really want to use this week to change that and give the study the make over it deserves. It's such a waist of a room at the moment, and we really need to utilise that space better. I want notice boards, a mood board, pictures up, things filed away, an area for David's photography work and area for my art/textile work. Pinterest inspiration at the ready!!

Beep Beep

This week may be the week I buy a new car! I'm so excited, i've wanted a new car for a few months now, but we wanted to wait until we'd been in the house a few months so I could figure out my financial situation. But now it's time, and I cannot wait! I wrote my previous car off 4 years ago, so I sort of adopted my Granddads old car as a replacement to get me to work etc. It was never my style of car, it it very much a Granddad car (which is what I called it...). It's burgundy, a bit too big for my liking and I've spent a significant amount of money keeping it alive. It's alright... but it's time for something smaller, newer and a bit more me now!

An Interior Facelift

I am dying to wallpaper our downstairs toilet and tile a splash back in the kitchen! I think a much needed mooch around some DIY shops and John Lewis is in order this week. I've never tiled or wallpapered before, and it would be something fun for me and Dave to learn together!

Life Admin

I still have a list dating back to March of all the life admin things we need to do now that we've moved in together, and so far we'd hardly ticked anything off it! I don't know what it is about life admin, but I get the fear. If David mentions tackling it I crawl into my shell, cover my ears and sing la la la! But this week it shall get done! Any phone calls that need making, forms will be filled out, complaints will be made, papers will be filed and by next Sunday I will feel like an absolute boss of a woman! I will I will I will.

Gig in London

This week we're both heading down to London for the evening with my Mum. We're going to have some dinner, and then we're seeing this singer called Gavin James that my Mum really likes! He's a bit like Ed Sheeran but not as famous, so that should be a really nice chilled out evening.


For all these little tasks and projects, I'll/we'll be documenting it and sharing the week with you. We also want to have a little blog makeover, with different photos and some new headers/signatures etc. I'd also like to start a youtube channel this week with my first DIY project on there. I'm not sure whether to have a channel for this blog or one on my own...we'll see! What do you think?

How do you like spending weeks off when you have no plans?

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