Saturday, 17 September 2016

Dear Diary- August 2016

Ahh August! The last of the summer months and last of the weddings! We know it's getting on in September, but lets have a throw back Saturday, seeing as we finally have a free weekend for the first time this month!

Where We've Been

David: The two most fun things I got up to in August was definitely my Dads wedding and going to Cornwall with Hayley & family for the week. Firstly, my Dads wedding was fun as even though I was taking a few photos, I still go a chance to really enjoy myself and hit the dance floor! Which obviously never happens when I'm on the job. Cornwall was lovely as we were off work for over a week, so it was the perfect break. There was no phone signal where we were too, and we had to use a red phone box at one point!

Hayley: This month kicked off with my friend's birthday, and as tradition we all gathered together for a celebratory BBQ (ooo...who misses those already?). For the rest of August it seemed like each weekend was filled with weddings! I went to my friend Holly's wedding where David was the photographer, and then we went to David's Dad's wedding which was so lovely. I love everything about weddings, and I love dressing up with a fascinator! At the end of the month we road tripped it down to Cornwall with my family and spent a week exploring on holiday. It was such a fun trip, and we'll be sharing some photos this week.

What We've Been Watching

David: I haven't actually followed a series for a couple of months now! This is because I've either been editing or playing video games when I have a spare few minutes. There are so many programs I've heard good things about though, so I've just made a note of them. I've mainly just been sitting with Hayley whilst she watches all the shows listed below..

Hayley: When we weren't out in the sunshine, August was spent watching TOWIE and MIC South of France mostly! I also really enjoyed Naked Attraction for a bit of guilty Monday night entertainment...I found it fascinating to see what different peoples bodies were like, and also how peoples tastes differ!

What We've Been Listening To

David: Having Spotify premium has actually really changed the way I listen to music now. Even though I buy the occasional CD, I always listen to the album on Spotify first. One artist who I'm really into at the moment is girl called Noname, a 24 year old rapper from Chicago. If you like people like The Internet or Chance the Rapper you'd like her stuff.

Hayley: I have been listening to some Red Hot Chili Peppers again this month, as Dave has bought us tickets to go see them for my birthday which i'm SOOO excited for! I have also been loving Craig David's new stuff, and i'm dying to get his album!

What We've Bought

David: Whilst we were in Cornwall we heard a radio announcement that Red Hot Chili Peppers were going to tour, and before we could hear anymore details, the radio signal went! Once we had more details, we decided to buy tickets in the pre-sale for one of the December tour nights.

Hayley: Because of all the weddings I treated myself to some new dresses and shoes, which I never do! We also bought a sofa-bed ready for my uni friends to stay in at the beginning of September! We also bought some office furniture, a shoe tidy for the hallway, some clothes rails and a large mirror for our the en-suite! 

Lessons Learned And Reflections

David: You don't have to follow gender stereotypes (Hayley is pretty nifty with a power drill)

Hayley: You can't fit 4 people's (and 1 dog's) worth of holiday stuff in the back of a VW Beetle easily.

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