Monday, 13 June 2016

Upcycled 1960s Dressing Table

Over the past month I have been up-cycling this 1960s dressing table that had been sat in my Grandparents spare room for decades!

At first I wanted to just sand it down and re-stain it, but once it was in the house I realised it didn't fit in with the feel of the place. In a bigger and older house it would be nice to restore it properly (and i'll probably do that one day) but for now I just lightened/tarted it up a bit.

It needed sanding down first to remove the stain that was left on, so I borrowed my Mums electric sander (which made things so much easier!)

I then wiped it down and started to paint! It took me days and days to paint, and it took about 3 coats of white wood paint to cover it. I then had to wax the drawers so that they would go in and out smoothly.

I decided to shake things up a bit, and although the idea was a bit kooky, I really like how it turned out! I spray painted the mirror frame and the handles gold, and I covered the top with gold and white marble adhesive so that I could wipe it clean when I spill my make-up all over it!

We then carried it up to our room and slid the mirror back in! 

VoilĂ ! I finally have a dressing table!! I'm actually really proud of myself.

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