Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Garden Makeover Plan

Even though we have a small garden, we're desperate to make it into a space we both enjoy. We have some big plans to make this space into somewhere you want to sit outside and admire!

The Before Pictures

This is our garden! Newly made and untouched really! We have a good fence, nice fresh green grass and a little bit of patio- but we need to put our own stamp on things! It's a small space, but we really think we can turn this garden into a little tranquil space. So here is what we'd like to do with it... 

We're going to have some more slabs put at the back, and in the left hand corner we want some sort of bench with a trellis and some pots of climbing flowers.

In the right hand corner we want to have a small shed for our tools and lawn mower etc! Again, we'd like some climbing flowers here.


We're extending this patio area out to the sides and 1 row out. This is so we can have some more seating, maybe a BBQ and a bin store to hide those pesky recycling bins! We will also be digging the borders out and planting some flowers down each side!

What We'd Like To Grow


We don't know much about plants and flowers, but in the next few weeks we hope to educate ourselves. What we do know about Hydrangeas, is that to get them the colour you want, they need to be planted in the correct soil. So this will be something to consider when we're planning out the layout of our plants. The colours that Hydrangeas produce are absolutely beautiful, and are one of our favourite flowers.

Pansies and Violas 

A common flower, but a very pretty one! The 2/3 tones you get with these flowers is what attracts us to them. You can grow these all year round, so they are a good way to keep your garden looking colourful for longer.


Might be setting ourselves up for failure and our garden is probably not big enough, but we'd like to grow our own Peonies. We always have them in the house in June as they are stunning! We'd love to be able to pick them straight from the garden this space!


The shapes and colours you get with lupins make them really stand out in gardens. We'd like to plant them at the back to sit as a kind of background to the other flowers.


Without it getting out of control, we'd like to have some wisteria climbing over our bench and trellis! We may keep it in a large pot so that it doesn't start climbing across our whole fence! 


With the shed, we'd like to put some trellis across it and grow clematis up it like passion flowers and these beauties we found at the garden centre. 


Hayley's Mum suggested we grow some Begonias in our pots, and her grandma used to do the same. They are a simple pretty plant to grow and we like them for their rose-like shapes.


Speaking of Roses, these are another flower we'd like to grow and climb up a trellis. The different colours you can grow are beautiful, and they are nice to clip for a vase too.


We came across these really weird 'night sky' petunias last week, and have already planted some up in a pot! They have an amazing pattern on which makes them look like they've been flicked with bleach! 


On our regular ponders round garden centres, we see things we'd like to grow but have no idea what they are! We'll hopefully get more clued up on them as our hobby continues!

Work In Progress 

We have made a small start with the garden, by planting some pots up!

This pot was given to us by David's Granddad, and it's actually a chimney pot! 

We have planted some trailing plants in here which should look beautiful once it's established!

We have also got a hanging basket up! Hayley's Grandma used to have a greenhouse business back when she was working, and she used to make hanging baskets for so many people and businesses in the area. We've wanted one of our own for ages, so we've bought one from a local greenhouse. This should start to really flower soon, apparently when its established, we won't be able to actually see the basket anymore!

Stay tuned for the end of June when we will hopefully be able to show you some after pictures!

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