Friday, 10 June 2016

Planning Our Trip To Cornwall

At the end of August we're both going away for a week with Hayley's Mums and Brother to Boscastle in Cornwall!

Neither of us have been to Cornwall before, so we're both really excited! Here are a few things on our list that we will want to visit:

Port Isaac

This is one of Hayley's Mum's favourite places ever. She fell in love with the place during a holiday there about 7 years ago and has been dying to go back ever since. The TV series Doc Martin was being filmed whilst she was there, which made her follow the series from then on. It's apparently a beautiful coastal town, and we'll be sure to get a pasty and some cornish scones whilst we're there!


Tintagle Castle & Merlin's Well

Down the road from where we'll be staying, there are some beautiful castle ruins! You can walk along the cliffside up to the castle, and there is also an amazing cave nearby with a waterfall running through it. We think this could be the perfect place for David to get some stunning pictures!

Rick Stein's Fish and Chips

We are both huge lovers of fish and chips, and there is nothing like eating it at the seaside! TV chef Rick Stein has an amazing fish restaurant in Padstow, but as we'll have Ernie with us we'll probably just go to his famous fish and chip shop one evening!


 The Witchcraft Museum

In Boscastle where we're staying, there is a little Witchcraft museum. For David's final project at University he studied the Wicker religion as a source of inspiration and it's something we both find very fascinating!  

The Eden Project

We have both wanted to visit the Eden Project for so long! It looks absolutely stunning in photographs and we're dying to take some of our own. Since we started on our own garden, the interest has grown and we're curious to see all the different plants and flowers. The outdoors bit is also dog friendly which is a plus!

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

Speaking of gardens, we'd also love to take a little drive to The Lost Gardens Of Heligan one day whilst we're there. Our friend Stacey introduced us to this place we didn't even know existed! It's an old Victorian garden that became overgrown and was later rediscovered! After they cut it all back it revealed some amazing things, and we're excited to explore.

This is all we have planned for our holiday so far, but if you have any other suggestions we'd love to hear them!

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