Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Our Summer Plans 2016

The best thing about the 1st of June, is starting to think about all those plans you have for the next 3 months. We did one of these last year, so we’ve revisited the feature for our June Journals!

Bug Jam 30

After last year, we’d really love to go to Bug Jam again! This year marks 30 years since it started, and even though we’ve only been going for about 7 years…it’s become a huge tradition for us. We’re not sure whether we’ll be doing the whole weekend, but we will definitely show our faces! 

Make-over the Garden

Our plans for the house seem to have paused slightly now that the sun has started to show it’s face (a little). We really want to make the most of the summer by getting our garden going. This means getting some more patio, putting up a shed and planting some flowers. We’ll be doing some before shots in a couple of days, and hopefully some after shots by the end of the month!

More Homemaking

When we say we’ve paused on the house…it’s only a tiny pause. We’re still trying to make the house as homely as we can. This means collecting more pieces of furniture and maybe… you know…getting some blinds so we’re not waking up at 5am all summer! We’re still waiting for our sofa to arrive, but that should be with us by the end of the month.

Holiday to Cornwall

We didn’t expect to be going on holiday this year at all what with the move and us being skint! But Hayley’s Mum has kindly offered to take us to Cornwall for a week in August! Neither of us have been before, and there are so many things we want to do when we’re there. It will be awesome to take Ernie with us as well, so we’re on the look out for plenty of dog friendly Cornish activities! More on that trip later this month.

Plenty Of Weddings

As well a being the photographer at a few weddings this summer (David), we’re both attending a few as guests- which we’re so excited for! We’re particularly excited for David’s Dads wedding in August!

Our Anniversary

The end of this month marks 11 years together, even though it only seems like yesterday we were celebrating our 10 years in Italy! So much has actually happened in that year! We havn’t made any plans for Saturday 25th yet, and even though we won’t be on a boat on our way to a cocktail bar…overlooking the water in Venice, we’ll be doing something special!

Hopefully Having Friends to Stay

What we really want to do this summer is have our Uni friends to stay! We have to get the guest room sorted before then. Our uni friends have only ever had flying visits here, so it would be cool to show them some of our local attractions! …whatever they are…

What are your plans for the summer? 

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