Saturday, 4 June 2016

Making The Most Out Of Longer Days

The best thing of all about Summer is the longer days. The sun rising early and setting late is great for our mental health as UV light = serotonin which makes us happy! 

If you're a full timer like us, you'll totally get this. In the winter when you leave work it feels like thats it, it's now night time. But there is something about coming home in the summer that makes you feel like there are hours left of the day! Weird how the mind works. As much as we love Autumn and Winter, we always get that sinking feeling when it's soon time to turn the clocks back. When Spring/Summer rolls around we make sure we take full advantage of it! Here are some of the ways we make the most of it.

Eating Outside

As long as you's not raining, why not eat dinner or breakfast outside? You don't have to have a BBQ or even a table! Make your dinner/breakfast as normal, throw a blanket outside and put some music on! A cheeky BBQ every now and then never hurt anyone though!

Take Pictures

Whether this is for Instagram or just personal family pictures, now is the time to take pictures! There is no better tool/editing software/filter for taking a good picture than natural light. Make the most of the natural sunlight in the week, because in the winter you won't see it until the weekend if you work full time!

Wash Your Car Yourself

This is more David's domain (well...hobby really), but a lighter evening is great for washing your own car! It only takes an hour or so if you do a proper job, and it means you don't have to waste time at the weekend doing it/taking it to be done! There are so many benefits to washing it yourself. You take more pride in your car, you feel a sense of achievement when it's spotless, you get to spend some time out in the sunlight (which again...good for your health) and it's actually a great workout!!

Go For An Evening Walk/Bike Ride/Run

We must confess, we still like a winter walk in the dark. But it's nowhere near as fun or lets face in the summer! One of our favourite things to do is take Ernie out for a walk after work. It's perfect for stress relief if you've had a particularly trying day, and it's fun! David enjoys running as well, and there is nothing nicer than watching the sun set just as you're getting home.


This might sound sad, but maybe we're speaking to fellow sad-os so it's all good! But actually, one of the BEST things about summer is hanging washing outside to dry. The best way to make the most of this is taking advantage of those longer days! For full sad-o effect, do a wash at night, hang it out in the morning before work (prey it doesn't rain), put a load in before work and hang it out when you get home! means you free up your weekends for more important fun things, and clothes just dry quicker outside in the summer!

Do Your Garden

A new hobby of ours since we moved (and a post on that to come), but it's so nice to spend time in the garden. We just don't go out there in the winter, which is a shame. The cold and dark are your garden's enemy, but a longer sunnier day is it's best friend- so take advantage! We're starting to get our garden looking good and ready for summer, so that we can spend some time in it before the winter comes and everything dies! We want to make the most of the whole house we bought, and that include outside!

Don't Draw Your Curtains

We don't have any at the moment, so that is easy for us! But we're realising actually how great it is. The early sunrise means we wake up a lot earlier than usual, and actually we don't mind! It's nice to wake up early naturally. It means you can get stuff done, or it gives you some extra time to just chill out, watch something, write, eat breakfast outside...whatever you enjoy doing! You can't get that time back when you're gone.

What do you like to do with your longer days?

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