Wednesday, 8 June 2016

How To Have The Perfect Rainy Summers Day

Hey! This is England...and what does England do best? Rain all summer!
This weekend is set to be a bit of a stormy one, so here are some of the ways we like to retain that summer feeling when it's pouring and dark and miserable outside.

  • Give yourself a makeover! Treat yourself to a haircut for summer so that it's ready to show off when the sun comes back.
  • Watch your favourite summer themed films!
  • Have an indoor picnic or BBQ! Set a blanket out on the floor and cook all the same food you usually would. Then put on our summer playlist and pretend you're in a field!
  • Set yourself a DIY/art project to crack on with. 
  • Visit a large indoor shopping centre for the day. The Centre MK is our closest large mall, which is perfect for a rainy day! It's made of glass so it's always warm and it's full of tropical trees and plants. They even have an indoor beach in the summer holidays!
  • Bake something summery! Something with loads of fruit that will go perfect with ice cream!
  • Visit somewhere like the Eden Project! It's indoors, but you'll think you're in some tropical jungle! We're going to visit there this summer, but more on that in another post to come...
  • Pick up a summer book or find a new blog you love!
  • Go swimming. You may not be on holiday, but its nice to get into some swimwear and have a splash!
How do you entertain yourself on rainy days?

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