Saturday, 11 June 2016

DIY Watermelon Style Ice Lolly

For years i've been dying to try one of these! I see funky lollies on Pinterest all the time, so I thought i'd give it a go!

These are perfect if you have someone over and you both fancy a cool down, and as well as looking super sweet they taste yummy too!


Cranberry Juice (or any red/pink flavour of your choice)
Green Smoothy (this one was Innocent kiwi, apple and lime)
Pumpkin seeds
Lolly moulds (I got mine from Next for £3)

How To:

1. The key to getting the pumpkin seeds to not all fall to the bottom is making this in layers. Start by pouring about 2cm of juice into the mould and dropping a couple of seeds in, then put into the freezer without the stick/lid.

2. After a couple of hours when that has frozen repeat step 1 until you have about 2cm left at the top for your green.

3. Once all of the red section is complete, you may need to take a sharp knife and make a groove for the stick to fit back into. Test to see if you can put the lolly stick through, and then fill the remainder of the mould with the green juice! Put the lid on and let it set in the freezer!

4. Enjoy!

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