Thursday, 9 June 2016

A New Camera Just In Time For Wedding Season

Last week I treated myself and bought a new camera! All ready for summer, this will see me through all the weddings I have booked..

Back in the summer of 2013 I was 1 year out of university and decided to take the plunge in buying my first professional level camera. At this point I was still unsure on whether I was going freelance or assisting in London, but I realised I needed to start thinking commercially. I hardly shot much digital photography at uni as I enjoyed shooting film so much, but this can become quite costly and doesn't make you much money! 

So, knowing that I had a few weddings lined up, I felt that buying a decent camera was more of an investment. However, 3 years later and even more weddings lined up, I realised that it was now time to buy a reliable 2nd camera & lens. As my last purchase was second hand, this time I decided to buy new and get an actual warranty!

Key features I was looking for this time:

New portrait lens with a focal length of least 80mm - 100mm

This is because in my last job I used a 100mm lens for jewellery photography + portraits and fell in love with it! So when buying for myself I wanted something to give me a similar focal length. I couldn't quite stretch to £600 for the exact lens, so I decided to get one a third of the price (85mm f/1.8) which is great!


After seeing bloggers/photographers sharing photos on their phone that have just been shot on their camera made me realise how convenient this can be. I've always found it so long winded downloading image on my laptop, connecting to the internet and then sending them to my iPhone via email!

Fold out screen

Having borrowed my friends Canon 60D a handful of times, I've always found the flip out screen so handy, especially when using live view/shooting video.

What made me decide on the Canon 80D was these key features. I very nearly went for the 70D but there wasn't much of a step up in image quality from the 60D. This and the fact that the 70D came out 3 years ago. Having only been released in March this year, I think that my new 80D will stand the test of time and provide some nice blog photos for the future years to come! 

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