Friday, 17 June 2016

4 Summer Bakes I'm Dying To Try

I've never been much of a cook or baker, but when I do try baking I find that i'm actually not that bad! I wanted to attempt one of these for a dinner night with my friends last night, but we've had a bit of car drama this week (hence why no consistency with the June Journals!)

So my mission by the end of summer is to attempt at least one of these scrummy sweet treats!

I have followed baker and photographer Linda Lomelino on Instagram for years, and this cheesecake has always caught my eye. I've even used it as colour inspiration in the past as i'm drawn to the contrasting violets and yellows. I saw this image crop up on Pinterest again the other day, so I pinned it in the hope that I would get round to making it one day. The ingredients seem easy to get, now all I need to find is some blueberry powder...

I'm not actually a huge fan of meringue, but I really like pavlova! It has to be chewy (not chalky) for me to be into it. This recipe I also found on Pinterest looks insane, and i'm all about piling copious amounts of fruit on top of anything.

Macaroons and pistachios are two of my all time favourite things (snacks..?) Macaroons are so expensive to buy, and thats because of the intricate work that goes into making them. I've seen my Mum make them a few times and it doesn't look tooooo difficult, and they tasted absolutely amazing when she did it. I'm not sure if she saved on funds by doing it herself, but I suppose it's the achievement at the end of the day. Definitely on the 'to try' list!

Who doesn't want to mix their cocktails and their cupcakes? What drew me to this picture was the cute decorations on top of the purple butter cream! I think this is such a cool idea if you're having people over, have a charity bake sale or a summer fete coming up!
If I do attempt any of these this summer, i'll be sure to post the results on here (good or bad!)

If anyone has any recipes they would recommend for summer, please let me know! Remember i'm new to this! 

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