Sunday, 15 May 2016

Some Fun Blog News

Hey guys! As we mentioned yesterday, we have some fun and exciting news about the blog! Actually, it's probably not as fun as we've hyped it up to we're excited!

Like Blogmas, we have decided to do a similar thing for June! It's been 6 months since we blogged everyday throughout December, and we really enjoyed it. As there's lots to blog about and do around Christmas it's easier to plan a months worth of posts...and we think the same could be said about June! It's the beginning of Summer and we feel you have more planned over these months, even if you do work full time! All of this coupled with our recent move into the house, we feel we have lots to talk about at the moment.

Recently we've been really quiet on the blog as we've been sorting life stuff out, but we have so many posts we want to share with you. So here it goes! From the 1st June we will be starting 'June Journals', something we hope to recreate every year! Heres what you can look forward to reading:

House Tours
Summer Plans
Summer Style
Garden Makeover
Art Projects
Wedding Season
Anniversary Plans
The Cocktail Calendar
Summer Playlists
...and 20 more posts!

It would be cool to see other people who don't usually daily blog hop onboard! We'll still post for the remainder of May, but we look forward to posting everyday in June!

See you then!

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