Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Dear Diary- May 2016

Today is the first day of June Journals (if you don't know what we here!) And we're kickstarting it with a classic Dear Diary!

Where We've Been

David: It has seemed like most of our weekends this month have been spent in and out of furniture & DIY shops, mainly just as a way of getting ideas on how we want the house to look in the long-term. I also was running at the beginning of the month quite a lot, but had to take a break due to pains in my feet & knees. I actually made the mistake of running again recently and it only made the pain worse! It’s a shame because I really started enjoying it again too. We finished the month with a BBQ/bank holiday party round our friend’s house, so that was a fun way to end May. 

Hayley: The start of the month was my Mum’s birthday, so we took her to a restaurant called De Parys Hotel in Bedford. When she was a teenager and into her early 20s she lived there and was a chef, so it was cool to see it 30 years later! It was then my Step Mums birthday, so Dave drove us to Kent for the weekend. We also went to a charity ball for our friend who lost his life in 2012. Every year we do various things to raise money for the different charities that cared for him, so it was great to see all his family and friends come together in all their finery for a night of auctioning and dancing!

What We've Been Watching

David:  At the beginning of the month we managed to catch up with The Secret Life of Puppies and Kittens, which we missed the first couple episodes. It was actually really fascinating aside from being really cute. I also started watching Supergirl on Sky 1, which I’m not sure if I’ll watch the entirety of, it’s just something to put on when I have 30 mins free!

Hayley: We’re now on the last series of Two Pints, and actually it’s not that bad! I never made it to the end when it was being aired because of how many cast members had left, but it’s still actually really funny! We’re also well into Game of Thrones still, and I’m loving Made In Chelsea this season!

What We've Been Listening To

David: I actually went to see some live music this month at Chichele College, a listed building in our town. It was an acoustic night featuring an array of artists playing all types of music. I also brought my camera along too & took some arty photos for the event organisers!

Hayley: Nathan Sykes ‘Give It Up’ has been my go to repeat this month! It’s so catchy and a great song to sing along to in the car. I’ve also been listening to a mix playlist that we made for the journey to Kent which has some old school CLASSICS like Sophie Ellis Bextor (because I’m that cool).

What We've Bought

David: We went to a bank holiday sale at our local furniture warehouse (which may I add sells 2nds from Made .com for more than half the price!). There we bought a smaller sofa and a really cool desk lamp.

Hayley: More and more house bits! We’ve started getting the garden sorted ready for summer, so I treated us to some plants and a hanging basket! We’ve also got a new office desk, TV stand and sexy ironing board (see above!) We sold our old sofa bed as it was way too big to have in this house, and we bought ourselves a little sofa to have in our kitchen. 

Lessons Learned And Reflections

David: It’s ok to take a break & step back from things.

Hayley: Live within your means. And stop being so bloody emotional.

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