Saturday, 14 May 2016

Dear Diary- April 2016

Hey guys! This is probably the latest we've had a Dear Diary post up...but we have been super busy settling into the house. We've got some cool news about the blog to come in a different post going up tomorrow, but for now lets see what we got up to since we last spoke!

Where We've Been

David: This month I went to Bristol for the weekend to catch up with some old friends from uni, which was nice as I hadn't seen one of them for well over a year! I also went to the degree show for my old photography course which took place in London. This was on a Tuesday night, so instead of travelling home after the show, I booked the following day off work and hung out with my brother who lives in London.

Hayley: My god. This month seems to have been jam packed full of stuff! We have spent a lot of time in our place just settling in and trying to make it into a home really. I spend a lot of time in furniture shops these days, as we're on the hunt for house bits all the time! At the beginning of the month my Mum went away for the weekend with my Brother, so we had Ernie over for 4 days. This was lovely as we had a chance to spend some quality time with him since moving out! We then went to the Lift Tower in Northampton to watch my Mum and Brother abseil down for charity! The end of the month closed with a long awaited night out with all my girlfriends...although I got very drunk on cocktails (going to blame that one on the birthday girl's very generous boyfriend!) 

What We've Been Watching

David: Hayley bought the last few series of 'Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps', so we've mainly been watching that most evenings after dinner. I had never really watched it much before but it's a really funny british comedy.

Hayley: Game of Thrones! What else? It has been so cool to finally watch GOT with the rest of the world. We spent so much of last year catching up on seasons 1-5, and if you haven't seen GOT before I'm very jealous of you and I suggest you watch right away! We have also been filling our evenings with 'Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps' (an old school favourite of mine). We're currently on series 7!

What We've Been Listening To

David: Last month my phone contract came to an end, and my new contract came with Spotify premium which is cool, so I've been listening to loads of playlists on there. Aside from that, my younger brother was throwing out loads of CDs he no longer wanted, and amongst the pile was the first 2 albums by Good Charlotte. As soon as I saw them I remember liking both albums as a teenager, so I had a listen for old times sake!

Hayley: I'm obsessed with some of Ariana Grande's new music at the moment, and also loving Azealia Banks new song 'The Big Big Beat'. Although not been loving her as a person recently...

What We've Bought

David: Aside from house stuff, I didn't really treat myself to anything last month! I did however eat out quite a lot, especially when in Bristol! Highlights included lunch at Harvey Nichols & dinner at Atomic Burger. 

Hayley: This has been the month of bigger purchases! We finally got ourselves a dining table and chairs and a sofa, although we're still waiting for the sofa to arrive! We've bought lots of little house bits, but nothing else significant. Oh! I also treated myself to a new outfit for a Charity Ball that I went to at the beginning to May (but you'll hear about that in next months Dear Diary!)

Lessons Learned And Reflections

David: Time and precision beats speeding through things at full speed.

Hayley: Life admin is horrible. But it needs to be done! From Roses helped me with that one! <3

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