Sunday, 17 April 2016

20 Relationship Revelations Since Moving In

Although we've been together for almost 11 years, we didn't think there could possibly be anything left for us to learn about each other! Everyone told us that we'd find out other things about the other when we moved in together, and actually...they were right!

What I've Learnt About David:

1. He loves a trip to the recycling centre! Since we've moved in we obviously have a lot of cardboard boxes and packaging to get rid of, and it's become like a hobby to him to crush it all up and take it to the tip! Maybe it makes him feel all manly?

2. He owns a pair of jump leads, and can jump start a car! What the heck? How did I not know he could do that? Actually...he knows quite a lot about cars, and I have no idea why or how!

3. He sings!! I've never heard David properly singing until we've moved in together, but he does. I sing all the bloody time and he never joins in, but now again when he's downstairs, I can hear him singing! Out loud!

4. Dave has never really shown me what TV he watched at home when we weren't together, and I had no idea he watched so many random shows! He's recording programs on Sky that i've never heard of in my life.

5. Speaking of things i've never heard of...his taste in music! He has a collection of music so random and eclectic, and i'm wondering when he used to listen to it! He never plays it when i'm must be his secret car music.

6. He is super organised! The filing of his paperwork and his budgets are so well put together, and he loves everything being neat and tidy! He's obsessed with the floor steamer and hoover, and makes the bed better than I do!! Lucked out with this one!

7. Apart from some music and some TV, we have scarily similar taste in pretty much everything. I know couples that move in together and can't choose a sofa or a colour scheme for a room, but we have had no problems with that since moving in, which actually surprised me!

8. He's so helpful, and we're actually a really good team when it comes to housework. If i'm doing anything around the house he always asks if I want a hand, or if theres something else he can do! His Mum must miss him!!

9. He LOVES breakfast! He's not that adventurous (how adventurous can you be if you have to leave the house at 7:30am), but he gets so excited about what he's going to get for breakfast each week. That's something i've never been able to do, I can't eat that early, and I certainly wouldn't wake up earlier to do so! 

10. He plays a lot of guitar in his spare time, which is why i've heard him start to sing. But I didn't realise how often he'd pick it up and play! It's nice having it as background music, as it reminds me of living with my Dad as a child! 

What I've Learnt About Hayley:

1. She's not really a fan of showers, and would much rather have a bath. This doesn't bother me though as I like showers, and it also means we're not getting in each others way every morning!

2. She makes an awesome Sunday Roast. I never really knew this before as we were used to the comforts of home cooking and/or going out for dinner on a Sunday.

3. That she owns a ridiculous amount of clothes. I know I had a lot, but this is crazy! We've had to dedicate the whole spare room to sort our wardrobes. In her defence a lot of it is going to be either sold or recycled, but on first glance it was quite alarming!

4. Also on the subject of clothes - she likes stealing mine. which is a bit frustrating because of the previous point I mentioned haha!

5. Falls asleep a lot earlier than me, and also earlier than my Grandma! The main problem with this is that we'll be watching a DVD and I won't realise she's fallen asleep, so we'll have to re-wind and re-watch the same part the next day! 

6. If we're watching TV before going to bed, Hayley's tradition is to flick through the music channels, which usually ends up on on The Vault or some other channel with really cheesy 90s pop. I don't think she had so much of a selection of music channels at her old house, so I think part of it is the novelty!

7. She isn't as tidy as me. This is fine though as I'm a bit of a neat freak!

8.  She's more dependant on the internet than me. I knew that she watched a lot of YouTube at her old house, but I didn't realise how many channels she subscribes to and keeps up with! I've been ok without the internet as I don't watch many videos online, I just use my phone/laptop to check social media & send emails.

9. She's an IKEA flat-pack-assembly-queen. This is probably due to years of experience as her old bedroom was made up of loads of IKEA furniture. So, when it came to taking her furniture apart and re-assembling it in the new house, she knew what she was doing. We've also bought a couple of new items of furniture, and she's quick with understanding that too!

10. She's far better on the telephone than me. When we moved in we had a week off work to properly sort things like council tax, bills, ordering bins etc. This involves a lot of time on the phone, and luckily Hayley was better than me at it! I find that if I don't write things down during a phone call, I'm most likely going to forget them haha!

Have you found out new things after moving in with your other half?

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