Friday, 1 April 2016

15 Things We've Learnt About Moving Out

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a quiet 2 weeks on the blog. As you know (or not, we've had some new followers recently...hello!), we moved into our first house together mid March, and annoyingly, we still don't have any internet! But we've commandeered Hayley's Mum's wifi this morning so we can deliver a little post!

 We've both had some time off work to get all moved in, and we've learnt a few things over these last 2 weeks that we weren't expecting!

1. When you don't have internet, you realise how much you rely on it! Just little things like looking up an address, opening times for stores, checking your emails etc! We feel so cut off from the world it's ridiculous! 

2. If you move from your parents house into your own house, it's hard to understand how you got all your stuff in one bedroom before! Our stuff is all over the place, and we don't even know where to begin! Don't get us started on our clothes!

3. It takes so long to unpack. We have slowly started to put things away, but mostly it's just boxes everywhere! We don't have a lot of storage at the moment, so really theres nowhere to put anything. We can't wait to make the house a liveable/usable space!

4. You can't make up your mind on what to buy. Before we moved in and had limited storage space, we saw things all the time that we wanted. Now we're actually in the house we can't make up our minds! Major first world problems. We think it's probably a nesting thing. We just want to get it right!

5. If you move from a busy home, you really notice the quiet when there is just the two of you. We love it when we go out or when people come to see us, because even though it's nice to have some alone time, we miss the commotion of a full house.

6. That brings us onto point 6...Ernie! We really miss having him around everyday. We try to see him as much as we can, because he is Hayley's baby, but the nights when we don't see him are sad. We are definitely missing a furry friend in the house, so hopefully at some point this year when we are fully settled, we will get a kitten. 

7. Not knowing how to do things! Like, how do you check your boiler pressure, how do you build this cabinet, how do you set the thermostat, how does this dishwasher turn on, what's that noise? It's not like we have any internet to look things up!!

8. Maybe it's because we have limited furniture, but our place just doesn't feel comfortable yet! We want it to feel like home, but we don't think that will happen until we've really settled in and got each room how we want it! A sofa in the lounge instead of a blanket is probably the next move!

9. We've had quite a few visitors! People want to come and see the place, and we kind of feel embarrassed that nothing is sorted properly yet! Although people seem to really like it!

10. We both have so much more time! We knew this would be the case, but it's nice to finally have it! We get home from work and then we have the whole evening together! Plus the weekends seem longer now that we don't have to get home for anything and pack bags etc!

11. We really enjoy planning meals! This is something we used to love doing when we happened to have an evening alone to cook for each other, but we thought that it might just be the novelty! But actually when we did our first shop, it was really cool to plan exactly what we want to cook and pick what we want each evening. As time goes on we definitely want to be a bit more experimental with cooking.

12. We seem to have naturally taken on jobs! We're actually a really good team when it comes to splitting chores which we hadn't considered before. Maybe it's because we've been together so long that we have naturally fallen into living together so well?

13. There are so many people that you have to tell your new address to! It's a good half a days task! It's a good job our old address is our parents house, just in case we've forgotten anyone and some letters go there!

14. It's so nice getting into a proper routine at last. Although we've had time off, so we haven't really. But we're starting to see our separate little routines that we had before coming together, like choosing a time to eat and working around each other in the mornings before work!

15. We didn't realise how much we'd miss home. When we both moved to Uni, we were too distracted to realise what we'd just done! But when we have some quiet times in the house, it really sinks in that after all this time we finally did it, but we will miss the security of living with our families.

Hopefully we will have internet soon, so we can crack on with this blog properly! We have really missed it!

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