Sunday, 13 March 2016

We Did It!

We can’t believe the time has finally come! We are officially homeowners! That is so crazy, and it has felt like a lifetime of saving! It really has come around so quick, so we thought we'd share each of our experiences with you.


When we first decided that we didn’t want to move to London (reasons here…), we knew the most sensible idea would be to save for a mortgage. If you read all the 20 something crisis blog posts and Buzzfeed stories out there, you’ll know that a lot of people come to a cross roads in their mid 20s. Some are like ‘FUCK THIS I’m off travelling,’ and others decide it’s nesting time…and for us it was nesting time. Even though this felt like the sensible thing to do, we’ve had no regrets about saving. I never felt like I was missing out on anything by saving so much, and if truth be told, I have no idea what I used to spend that money on!

The whole house hunting process had so many ups and downs. We always thought this would be a really fun experience, and at times it was, but a lot of the time it was just stressful. We did a little post on things to know about house hunting here if you were interested in that a bit more. They really should teach kids about buying and renting in schools, because when you come to it as an adult…it’s a lot of take in without any warning of what’s to come! We definitely had our fair share of tiffs about it all, but I think overall it has just made us closer (vom…)

We had no idea what our house was going to look like before we moved in, as there were no show homes of it! We just had to look at similar properties to make our decision…which was a huge risk considering we’d seen so many properties that we’d loved the look of on Rightmove, but then hated once we’d looked round. But I’m totally in love with our house! And I cannot wait to fill it with our own stuff and make it our home. I feel like our place has so much character! I always pictured new builds to all be kind of the same, but ours is a bit upside down and kooky. It’s a 3-storey house and our lounge is on the first floor, but I really fell in love with that idea. We haven’t properly moved in yet, but we will be this week, and I cannot wait to FINALLY move in with my boyfriend after 11 years together!!! Hallelujah! 


When we first made the decision to buy a house, the last thing we imagined was that we'd eventually be buying a new build. As we're both creative people, we love buildings with a bit of character, but houses like this in our town either need a lot of work doing or are completely out of our budget. So, we were looking into small terraced houses in the local area. We also thought that new builds would be out of our price range, but we decided pop into the marketing suite and ask a few questions anyway. We soon found out that this wasn't the case, and that there are helpful schemes that specialise in getting first time buyers on the housing ladder.

The longest part of the journey was definitely the saving part, and there was only so much window shopping you could do at an estate agents or when browsing Right Move. Once we had some of the deposit saved though, it was nice to get out there and have the experience of looking at houses. The 4 months of waiting to move into our house hasn't felt like too long though, as we've been slowly collecting household items and saving for additional necessities. 

A lot of people say moving house is stressful, which I can imagine it is if you're selling your current property, but it's way more fun when you're a first time buyer. Sure there's endless stacks of paperwork and things you don't understand, but at least if you're buying as a couple, you're both in the same boat! To keep myself calm and collected I just made sure that I kept on top of organising what stuff I want to bring with me, as I didn't want to bring everything to the new house and then start throwing things away. As I'm quite a tidy person anyway, this was almost a therapeutic experience! I became quite a regular at the recycling centre too.

For me, the best part about moving out will be putting an end to the last 4 years since Uni living between two houses and packing an overnight bag. I'm really looking forward to taking more and more photos in our new home and sharing them on this blog too, so keep your eyes peeled!

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