Saturday, 5 March 2016

Dear Diary- February 2016

Time for another Dear Diary! Sorry it's been a couple of days late, but it's spring now so who cares! Woo!

Where We've Been

David: February has seen 2 trips to London for me, as I went there for my Mums birthday and then again for Valentines Day. The first trip was a nice change as I travelled to London with Mum and met my brother there. Can't think of the last time we did that! Aside from that we had a another visit to the house to check the progress of things, which has really moved quickly in the last few weeks actually! But more on that shortly..

Hayley: After a quiet January, we decided to get out a bit more in Feb. David was quite poorly at the beginning of the month, so Valentines Day was a quiet one in bed watching Pirates of the Caribbean. But when Dave got better we planned a trip to London to see a couple of exhibitions and try a couple of restaurants we wanted to eat in. Dave took me to the Harvey Nichols cafe for breakfast (as he's a photographer for them) which was GORGEOUS! You can read about our trip to The National Portrait Gallery here. We then tried a pasta place called Vapiano, which if you're a pasta freak like I'll love it! I cannot wait to go back there, it was really authentic to Italian cuisine! Apart from that we've spent a lot of the month sorting out the final touches of our house build, and we'll be ready to move in soon! Me and my Mum also spent quite a few weekends this month clearing out the rest of my Granddad's house and completing on the sale. It was sad to say goodbye to that house as I spent a great deal of my childhood there.

What We've Been Watching

David: I started watching an amazing new show on Sky Atlantic called Vinyl, which is about a record label in the 1970s. Its a lot like Mad Men, but as its created by Martin Scorsese & Mick Jagger, it has a very cinematic feel. Awesome soundtrack on it too.

Hayley: We're still on the Ricky Gervais show, which we're both loving again. I'm also still going through Call The Midwife which was running through Feb. Apart from that, we've both started to watch the final series of Fresh Meat which we've always loved and we watched all the Pirates Of The Caribbean films (with Keira and Orlando in...) On my own, i've really got into 'The People Vs OJ Simpson'. I only tuned into it to see how they portrayed the Kardashian family, but before I knew it i'd watched the first 2 episodes! It's so gripping, and I love the casting.

What We've Been Listening To

David: After listening to the album Frank by Amy Winehouse, I decided to move onto Back to Black. Considering I was never bothered about her music at the time it was released, I've finally started appreciating the songwriting and production behind it all. 

Hayley: Last month saw the return of Beyonce, and I'm actually hooked on her new song. I really like Beyonce's new music and I particularly enjoyed her last album, so i'm hoping the rest of her new music is like Formation! Alunageorge have also released a new song, which me and Dave both love! It's got a summer vibe to it, so I know their new album will end up being the soundtrack to our summer.

What We've Bought

David: When I went to London with my Mum and brother, I dragged them into Anthropologie as I wanted to look at house stuff. I ended up buying quite a large candle, which I thought would be a nice addition to the house. I'm sure we'll post a picture of it at some point!

Hayley: I can't actually think of anything I bought this month...apart from some pyjamas! How sad is that? There are loads of things we want to buy for our new house, but we are just waiting until we move in (in a few weeks)!! We're just save save saving right now, and making lots of lists! 

Lessons Learned And Reflections

David: Less is more!

Hayley: Get organised and grow up.

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