Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Pros And Cons Of Having A 'Hobby' Blog

Most of the bloggers we follow are doing this as their full time career, and it's so cool that in this day and age that's possible. But as we're both lucky enough to have landed our dream jobs, blogging to us will always be just a hobby.

When you write and follow blogs... it can be hard to find your place in the community whether this is your career or not, which led us to think about the pros and cons of keeping a 'hobby' blog.


Not having to create new content and often:

When you are writing a blog just for a bit of fun, there is absolutely no pressure to create new content. You write this blog for you and you only. There is no pressure for you to upload something everyday, or to keep on top of your 'game'. The blessing of a hobby blog is that it makes yourself happy, and if other people look forward to your posts then that is awesome too!

Not feeling pressure to write in a particular way:

If you're doing sponsored posts or trying to appeal to a particular target market, I can imagine it's hard to separate your blogging voice from your actual voice. It would be interesting to hear from professional bloggers whether they feel they can be 100% honest when writing, or do they prefer to refine themselves in order to make a good business? It's nice that we can just write from the heart and not worry that we'll 'put people off'.

Not having to bother with advertising:

As blog readers/followers also, it's a real craft making a blog page look good without spamming people with adverts. Some bloggers do it really well and advertise companies that suit their blog brand, but personally we're so glad we can just have a clean page with none of that going on!

Not having to worry about branding:

In 'Our 2016 Blogging Goals' we said that we wanted to brand better (without taking ourselves too seriously). But the beauty of a hobby blog is that it doesn't really matter! We like the idea of branding, but that just comes from working in creative industries! Hayley's more interested in the branding of the blog page layout, and David has his signature photography style. But again, it's strictly from a 'having fun' point of view!

Our view counts and 'the figures':

The professional blogging game is so competitive. Everyone has an SLR these days, and with a generation of 20 somethings that learnt to code on Myspace, it's easy to start up a blog. What's not getting people to read it. The only people we're concerned with reading our blog, are like minded people who enjoy our content. We're not even that bothered if our friends and family read it (and we're not sure that many of them do actually...) We love the readership we have! It's a small community of people, but we love you for stopping by! So thanks :)


You sometimes feel like your blog is silly/pointless:

Sometimes we get a bit embarrassed to tell people about our blog, and we get really embarrassed when people find it on their own and ask us about it! Which really when you think about it is ridiculous, because why is this any different to playing a sport or crafting!? But we always feel like we're being judged...not only by people on the 'outside' who don't 'get' blogging, but we feel like we're being judged by 'proper' bloggers. Like, if we're not going to push this to be the best it can be, then why are we here?

Minimal time:

We've said this before, but when your blog is your full time gig, you have all day to create and take pictures. We have from about 6pm-10pm Monday- Friday and weekends. Therefore sometimes it's hard to get inspired and difficult to balance our blog around a very busy working life. But when we do get round to writing it's lovely! But I guess it's the same with any hobby.

Feeling like the Pros are actually Cons:

Like, why did this post only get this amount of likes? Why didn't people like it? Why can't I be bothered to write? I hate how this page looks, are we doing this right?....Oh wait...who cares?

Feeling like you’re not really part of the blogging community:

We both kind of sit on the outside of the blogging community and don't get involved as much. There are lots of events and twitter groups/chats, not to mention the 'gangs'. We'd like to comment more and get involved, not to build up a reputation or anything...but to feel like we have some blogger friends who are interested in the same things as us, and to collaborate! It's nice to share hobbies!

Not representing a clear 'theme':

We think a lot of the successful blogs have a clear theme running through their content. Whether they are a food/beauty/interiors/travel/fashion blogger, even if they throw in some lifestyle posts, you always know what they are mainly there to do. Sometimes we feel a bit like...what are we here for? We would definitely define ourselves as a lifestyle blog...but what kind of people care about our lifestyle? We're not some rich young free spirits off travelling the world and eating in expensive restaurants, we're just 2 normal people building our lives together in a normal way. Not sure if people really want to read about 'normal' but we enjoy writing none the less.

What pros and cons do you find with your blog? And if you're an avid reader of ours, what is it about this blog that you like? It's always great to have feedback! x

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