Wednesday, 3 February 2016

David's New Creative Outlook

Over the last few months, I have gradually began to notice how long it has been since I've done any creative photography in my spare time, and I'm not talking about arranging an elaborate fashion or portrait shoot either..

Weeks and weeks often pass by without me even picking up my own camera! This isn't a major issue though, as I work 5 days a week as a photographer. However, I meet so many freelancers through work it just inspires me to update my portfolio!

I'll be honest, the excuse I always use for not doing any extra-curricular photography is that I like to spend my weekends relaxing after a busy week. Once me and Hayley move into the house though, I think there will be multiple reasons behind an increase in my creativity!

1.) More time in the evening. 

My current evening routine consists of me getting in from work at 4pm and not arriving at Hayley's house until almost 8pm. I can imagine these hours spent having dinner, packing an over night bag & making lunch for the next day will be far more condensed once we have moved in. Sure there will be lots of time spent doing housework and such like, but also more time to be creative and productive!

2.) New space, new eyes. 

Even though we're not moving away to a new environment, I think that a change of territory will give me fresh eyes and make me want to pick up a camera more.

When I moved to Cheltenham for uni, there were so many new experiences that I decided I wanted to capture them all on camera. As moving in to your first home is such a big step, I think that visually documenting this will be a great thing to look back on. Lets not forget all the interior & lifestyle photos I'll be taking for Instagram too!

3.) Always having a camera nearby. 

When I spend the weekend at Hayley's house, I only bring the essentials needed for the next day. So, when we take Ernie out and it happens to be beautiful sunshine, I'm forever wishing I had my camera on me. This applies to taking blog photos too! The amount of times Hayley has needed my camera and I've had to drive home to get it is unreal!

4.) Happy scanning. 

As my brother is doing uni work from home, he spends a lot of time in the office room where I keep my scanner. He needs the desk space more than I do, so when I want to scan anything I have to kind of arrange it. I just can't wait to have my equipment in one place and ready to to use!

5.) Storage. 

Continuing from that last point, I really look forward to having an organised office space with decent storage for my photos and negatives. Tidy space + tidy mind.

6.) Meeting inspiring people. 

I briefly mentioned this at the beginning of the post, but I'm always meeting freelance photographers at work, and it's really interesting seeing what they do outside of e-commerce. Their portfolios always differ from one another too. So, looking at a varied mix of different portfolio styles is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

7.) Movie nights. 

I've always found that watching a film and appreciating its cinematography can give me lots of inspiration for photo projects. At the moment me and Hayley don't watch a lot of dvds together, mainly because by the time we see each other in the evening it's too late to put a film on! However, once we've settled into our own place I can't wait to get the popcorn out and watch a film!

8.) Room design planning. 

Photography stuff aside, I think that through being hands on with room layout & design, my creativity will enhance slightly. Even though interiors is more Hayley's forte, I think I can still pick up a few pointers from her!

9.) Hanging up our photography and illustration. 

I think that doing something as simple as this will make a space that embraces creativity. Seeing your finished work on the wall definitely inspires you to create more. For me, I know that every time I dust off my print portfolio and really look at the paper, I always think how I should print more photos..

10.) Lightroom. 

Since Christmas I've had the latest version of Lightroom that Hayley bought me, and so far only had one little play on it. I used it all the time in my last job, but haven't used it since then. When I have the extra time in the evening and camera within reaching distance, I be experimenting more and more with this software!

Does a change of space affect your creativity & productivity?

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