Thursday, 7 January 2016

Our 2016 Blogging Goals

It's nearly been a whole year since we started the 5 Year Memory Blog, and it's been so much fun! So going into our 2nd year we've made a list of blogging goals for 2016...

1.  Engage more with other bloggers/instagrammers, and make more of an effort to comment!

2. Keep up to date with the blogs we follow. 

3. Find new bloggers to follow, especially those who are similar to us! (If you have any recommendations, throw them our way!)

4. Take more pictures in our spare time and archive them for blog posts instead of sharing them all straight away.

5. Do more creative/DIY posts! We're both creative people, so it makes sense!

6. Be more niche! We see so many people doing to same posts all the time, and we'd like our blog to stand out!

7. Without taking ourselves too seriously, brand better! Maybe it's Hayley's new found insight into merchandising, but we really want to create a signature style for our social media presence!

8. Experiment with video. We really want to capture some of our memories on film, but not sure we'll venture into 'vlogging'...

9. Create a proper office space in our house to work from.

10. Keep our blog as a hobby, and make sure we love doing it!

What are your blogging goals for 2016?

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