Saturday, 30 January 2016

Decoration- The Plan

You may or may not know, but I have a Pinterest... like most of you! 

I've had it for absolute years, and as a designer, I find it a great source of inspiration. I pin all sorts on there, from lingerie/print/illustrations, to food/style/animals! But one of my favourite things to pin has always been interiors, as I love planning my 'dream home'. Well, turns out it's actually time for me (and david) to start using my Pinterest as we plan each of our rooms!

Both Dave and I have very similar tastes in style, probably because we've grown up together and we're both professional creatives- which is good because he loves everything I pin! As we have a new build, we were able to pick our kitchen, bathroom and flooring already. We've gone for light wooden effect carding on the ground floor with a white and marble kitchen, grey carpets and grey bathroom tiles. We wanted to keep it very minimal so that if our tastes change we can adapt with the house. 

If you were following us back in August we spoke about our Home Areas Wish List. So now we know what our house looks like, we can develop on that plan! We will go into more detail later on in the month with each room, but here is what we have already started planning:

Hallway & Stairs

- Coat hooks either up the stairs, on the back of the toilet door or free standing.
- Mirrors
- Childhood pictures
- Nice long rug
- Radiator cover for keys/nice vase

Downstairs Toilet

- Large decorative mirror
- Flowers
- Art


- Herringbone tiling
- Art
- Blue/White/Gold/Marble
- Drinks Trolley
- Large round dining table
- Shelving
- Flowers
- Dresser

Downstairs Living Space

- Free standing sofa and chair with printed cushions
- Quirky coffee table
- Guitar stand
- TV (maybe)
- Free standing shelf with our art books
- Art
- Statement lighting
- Nice printed rug
- Nice printed patio door curtains
- Flowers


- Plants in pots
- Plants in beds
- Small shed
- Small seating/bar area
- Fairy lights

First Floor Landing

- Art
- Mirrors
- Rug

Master Bedroom

- Minimal
- White and Blue
- 60s/70s Dressing table
- Statement chair/stool
- 60s/70s bedside tables
- Statement lighting- hanging bulbs
- Art


- Grey and White
- White storage
- Large mirror
- Radio

Upstairs Living Room

- Grey corner sofa
- Free standing shelf
- TV on wall
- Coffee table (maybe)
- Art
- White and pops of colour

Upper Floor Landing

- Art
- Mirrors
- Rug

Family Bathroom

- Hamper of Lush products
- No clutter (i.e no tooth brushes etc)
- Plants
- Green and white
- Radio
- Bath shelf
- Art
- Mirror
- Candles


- Nice desk for Mac & negative scanner/printer etc
- Black and White
- Nice lighting/statement lamp
- Comfortable yet stylish chair
- Inspiration board/notice board etc.
- Magazine shelf
- Photo Storage
- Ladder for loft

Spare Room

- Sofa bed
- Colourful cushions
- White and grey
- Work/ sewing space
- Inspiration board/notice board etc.
- Fitted wardrobes
- Small Table
- Mannequin
- Floor length mirror

As we start to properly plan each room/buy stuff...we'll make some more mood boards etc.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice weekend x

Images can be found via my Pinterest

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