Sunday, 31 January 2016

Dear Diary- January 2016

So the first month of 2016 is done! It's been a long dry January (LOL just kidding, we didn't do that). 

Where We've Been

David: It has felt like this month we have spent all our time in shops, which isn't a bad thing as it's been for practical reasons. We've been getting ideas for furniture by just walking round places like DFS, Ikea and Home Sense. Early January we also celebrated our "4th Christmas of the year" in Kent with Hayley's Dad & Step Mum. Most of all, it has felt like I have spent the entire month at the tip. I'm in the process of throwing out loads of old stuff before we move so my Mum doesn't have to be left with all of it!

Hayley: Like we said in our 10 Ways To Love January post (which we got really positive feedback for! thanks guys), we didn't make any plans for Jan. We tried to be sensible with spending! Since we 'borrowed' money from our savings to help with Christmas, we made sure we put it all back this month. Like Dave said, we've spent a lot of time just window shopping...which has been really therapeutic actually! 

What We've Been Watching

David: I recently got round to watching Amy, the documentary film about Amy Winehouse. Despite never considering myself a fan of hers, the film definitely changed my opinion of her and made me appreciate her music a lot more! Well worth a watch if you like her music, into documentaries or both!

Hayley: Not that I keep bringing it up or anything...but also featured in our 10 Ways To Love January post we said you should start a new box set, which we did. It's not exactly 'new' but we re-watched all of Gavin and Stacey, which is one of our all time favourite British comedies. If you've never seen it I suggest you buy the whole box set right now and fall in love with Nessa! After we finished that we started to watch the Ricky Gervais Show again, and i'm also really enjoying series 5 of Call The Midwife! Ooo, also we went to the cinema to watch the Danish Girl and it was amazing. I now have a new obsession with Alicia Vikanda!

What We've Been Listening To

David: Carrying on from the above I actually ended up borrowing Amy Winehouse's first album "Frank" from my brother. It's a nice mellow album to listen to, and very different in production to her later stuff with Mark Ronson.

Hayley: David bought me 'Ministry Of Sound- Made In The 90s' for Christmas, so that has sort of been my go-to album in the car this month. I am also really enjoying Craig David's comeback (although i've never stopped listening to him since Mum bought 'Born To Do It' when I was 10) and I'm in love with Raleigh Ritchie's music (as a huge Game Of Thrones fan)!

What We've Bought

David: This month we have bought a few things for the house. Our essential purchase being a set of really nice plates that were in the January sales - so we bought 2 boxes! Aside from that we bought a marble wall clock and vase too. 

Hayley: I've held back from purchases this month, but I have treated myself to a couple of bits since i've been paid, like some clothes and this gorgeous purse from River Island. I really wanted those converse that you can see in the picture above but I wouldn't let myself buy naughty David bought them for me as a surprise! I'm being super super good at the moment! Who am I?

Lessons Learned And Reflections

David: A small living space isn't the end of the world. There are plenty of unique + interesting ways to make a room cosy.

Hayley: Let go of the thoughts that plague you before you sleep. Just block them out and think of all that is good in your life. The mind can be very cruel and very kind.

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