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Dear Diary- December 2015

Happy New Year! We can't believe it's time for the last Dear Diary entry of 2015!

Where we've been

David: For most people, December is usually busy due to the lead up to Christmas, but I started a new job in the middle of all that so it's felt a bit non-stop! Last month also saw the fences surrounding our new house come down, so we've been able to have a close-up look around the house and in the garden. My brother and uncle were back for Christmas so I got to show them the new house for the first time too!

Hayley: This month has been absolutely jam packed full of activities! There was the Christmas Sparkle market in our town, full of lovely food and music! We then celebrated my birthday by having dinner and drinks with friends. We went to Christmas craft fairs, lots of garden centres, a couple of trips to the Centre MK for Christmas gifts, so many walks with Ernie & a Christmas party or 3!

What we've been watching

David: All the shows I follow either finished or took a season break last month, so I've mainly been watching Christmas TV on the normal channels. One of my favourite things though was a penguin documentary on BBC One called "Snow Chick: A Penguin's Tale". It was the cutest thing ever! If you have time to watch on the iPlayer still it's well worth a watch.

Hayley: We finished the Harry Potter films at the beginning of the month, which meant we could finally start watching all of our favourite Christmas films and TV specials. I also really enjoyed everyones Vlogmas this year, and especially Zoella's as she managed 2 videos a day (which kept me very entertained and festive).

What we've been listening to

David: My change in workplace has meant that the music I listen to during the day has changed too! It always varies which is cool, as one day it could be Absolute Radio, Kisstory or a random YouTube playlist.

Hayley: Apart from the usual Christmas songs that were being played everywhere, I haven't actually listened to much music this month! Around Christmas time I like listening to alternative Christmas songs which we blogged about here.

What we've bought

David: Our main purchase last month was definitely putting the deposit on the house and officially exchanging contracts. It was a nice feeling to know the bulk of paperwork is out the way now! Aside from that I had a bit of a silly purchase buying a Star Wars app enabled droid, which you can see here meeting Ernie!

Hayley: So many presents! This year I treated my Mum to a horse riding experience (as she hasn't ridden in so long) and a couple of other bits, I got David 'Lightroom' editing software and some Wall-e Lego (serious and fun!), I bought my brother a ticket for the Harry Potter Studio Tour, my Dad a lovely sweater from Levi's, lots of little bits for my Step Mum and plenty of alcohol and chocolates for everyone else! We also went out and bought all of our Christmas decorations for our new house next year in the sale!

Lessons learned and reflections

David: Don't get yourself down!

Hayley: Memo for next year: Sort Christmas bits out in November, only because it allows you time to enjoy December and chill out like you are suppose to!

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