Monday, 4 January 2016

10 Ways To Love January

Is it just us, or is January the most depressing month? 

You are on a major come down after Christmas, probably skint and everything just seems that little bit darker. Over the years we've both developed little ways to trick yourself into making January a month to look forward to! So heres how we do it....

1. Don't Make Plans
Dedicate the whole month to nothing! Go to work yeah, but at the weekend try to stay in like an absolute hermit. The last 2 or 3 months have probably been quite chaotic, and lets face it... loungewear has become your second skin. Enjoy some lazy weekends, and plan a trip for February! This gives you something else to look forward to.

2. DO NOT Start A Diet Or Join A Gym
December is the one month in which we most definitely over eat and swap exercise for mince pies! So why go from one extreme to the other? There is no need to force yourself to do something if it's only going to make this already crap month worse! Just go back to your normal 3 meals a day instead of 7, eat some fruit, drink some water, maybe walk a couple of times a week? Then if you realllly want to push/challenge yourself, do it in February...or even March!

3. Start A New Series
Find a new series you've been dying to start, or maybe revisit a classic film Saga! You could even jump into a soap/reality show you've never seen or subscribe to a new Youtube channel. On these dark cold nights it will give you something to look forward to once you finish work!

4. Quit Something You Hate
The complete opposite of a new years resolution, and so much easier to do! You may have told yourself it's good for you, but who are you kidding? Admit hate it! Shout it from the rooftops and quit. If it's having a negative effect on your life, let it go. (Hayley: I for one am quitting the gym! And I cannot wait!)

5. Write Lists
Have some goals for the year that you needn't start right away. Foods you'd like to try, places you'd like to visit or just little 'to do' lists! It takes some of the pressure off feeling like things need to be done now, and it gives you something to look forward to for the rest of the year.

6. Flowers
Buy yourself a cheap bunch of flowers (or expensive...whatever...) every weekend this month. Have them in a place you spend a lot of time, and soak up some of their life! Having flowers around will remind you of being outside and the spring time, and will hopefully perk yourself up a little!

7. Pretend it's Summer.
Shh. If you want to believe it's July, go ahead. Buy yourself a new candle that has nothing to do with winter. If you are a candle person, you are probably sick to death with the smell of cinnamon/pine/cranberries. Put these away in a cupboard for next year, and treat yourself to a summer fruits or spring floral scent! While you are at it; change your desktop/phone background to something summery, paint your nails bright yellow, wear colourful clothes and have an ice lolly! Burrrrr.

8. Start A Diary
We've seen so many people Instagramming their new diaries over the last 4 days (including us!) This whole blog is based around keeping a diary (incase you didn't know), and it's such a fun old school way to log your memories. Hayley keeps her 5 Year Memory Diary and has just started her 2nd line! 

9. Buy New Bedding
Go out and treat yourself to some new bedding. Go all out and buy a new quilt and pillows if you have to! Not sure about you, but there is nothing better than getting in a freshly made brand new bedding set! This way, it will encourage you to go to bed, making getting up all that easier. Which leads onto point 10...

10. Start A New Morning Routine
There is nothing worse than having time off, followed by the first week of January blues. Having to get up 3 hours earlier than you have been for the last 10 days is such a why not make it something to look forward to? Change your alarm tone, wake up a little earlier and do something entertaining/something that you love, chat to your partner/family, buy your favourite breakfast (no matter how need to be happy in the morning), make yourself a new playlist/buy a new album for your commute and don't sleep too late the night before!

How do you get through January!?

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