Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Winter Walks

 Hey and thanks for stopping by Blogmas day 9! Today we're sharing why we love a good winter walk.

Over the years we've been together, whenever Christmas draws in, one of our favourite things to do is go for a nice long walk in the winter sunshine. There's nothing better than breathing in that crisp air and taking a wander in the countryside.

Whether it was in Northamptonshire, Kent or Cheltenham,  we've always enjoyed exploring new places!

Aside from the usual sensory experiences, another great thing about winter walks is putting on a good pair of wellies, wooly hat and a nice warm parka.

Oh! And jumping in puddles of course..

Even before Ernie came into our lives, taking long walks was still something we did. If the light was good too David would use it as an excuse to have a play with the camera!

Going for a walk on Boxing Day has also become tradition for us. If the weather is good this year and we make the most of the limited daylight, we'll take Ernie out and take some photos. So, keep your eyes peeled for new pics later this month!

Where's your favourite place for a walk this time of year?

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