Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Wall Paper Christmas Wrapping

I've always loved the idea of using textured wallpaper as Christmas wrapping paper, so this year I did!

My wrapping didn't cost me much at all, but I think it looks really expensive (if I do say so myself!)

To wrap all of my gifts I bought:

1 Roll of wallpaper from Wilkos for £6 (10 metres)
3 Rolls of silver/gold ribbon from Colemans for 70p each
A pack of ribbon/bows from Asda £2
24 Glittery gold pinecone decorations from Poundland for £4 (4 boxes of 6)
2 A4 sheets of sparkly gold card from Colemans to make into gift tags for 90p

What I already had:
A letter stamp set plus ink (which I have used for 4 years running)
A tree cutter for the gift tags (again...used for 4 years running!)

I'm such a geek when it comes to wrapping and cards (and not just at Christmas!) I always make an event of it! I put on a Christmas film and spend a whole afternoon cracking on with it all! I even go as far as planning the next years wrapping in January on Pinterest! How sad am's clearly the designer in me planning the next season!

Here's what I did from 2012-2014!

2012- Brown Paper and ribbon

2013- Brown paper, tartan tape, green string & holly!

2014- White paper, red and white string, green lace & candy canes!

How do you like to wrap gifts? I'm always looking for ideas!

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