Friday, 18 December 2015

Four Christmases

When (like both of us) you have parents who are separated, Christmas time can be really crazy and super busy! Although we both had very traditional Christmases as children, as we've gotten older we've embraced the changes each year brings!

So... we have 2 households each! Like some of you reading, we have our Mum's house and our Dad's. Both of our parents divorced when we were similar ages (around 9-11 years old), which means we had a good decade of doing Christmas a certain way, and then COMPLETELY different!  

When our parents split we had to juggle Christmas and Boxing Day between each parent, and eventually as we got older we ended up seeing our Dads on an evening/weekend 'near' Christmas. As a child this can be quite sad to let go of tradition. For both of us it was quite a similar feeling, we missed the way it used to be.

The thing about being in a relationship with someone who has the same family situation as you, is that Christmas time becomes even more busy! We've gone from spending Christmas with 2 families, to 4! Although it's sometimes tricky to fit everyone in, it's actually something we really love about this time of year...if not our favourite thing! Christmas day feels like it's over and done with so quickly when you get older, so it's nice to do it 4 times! 

For the past 10 years, we've only seen each other in the evening on Christmas Day, but this will be the first year that we spend the whole day together! Even though we haven't moved in together, it seems a bit silly that we don't do that we've made the decision to this year and from now on.

We're looking forward to breaking tradition again this year!

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