Friday, 11 December 2015

Festive Cocktail Bloggers

We love a festive drink! Who doesn't? So for Blogmas Day 11 we're showing you some of the best cocktail recipe blogs we've found!

Not only does Kristi make delicious looking drinks, she shows you how to garnish them all quirky! These look very 'Revs' with the copper mug, and would make perfect drinks to show off your skills! The Pomegranate, Apple, and Blackberry Sangria looks TO DIE FOR!

What's a cocktail picture in 2015 without a Mason or Kilner Jar? We are both cider lovers (especially Hayley!), so this Apple Cider Ginger cocktail is making our mouths water and looks like it wouldn't disappoint! We do like a warm cider at Christmas time, but for something a bit different we love that this isn't! 

We're absolute suckers for sugar rimmed glasses!! They just remind us of New Years Eve parties in the early 90s, when we we too young for alcohol, but desperately wanted to lick the sugar crystals off! And what else says Christmas like cranberries, rosemary and prosecco? Nothing! This 'Jolly Holly Cocktail' looks so fruity and scrummy!!

Christmas is a time for sharing! So why let that stop at booze!? Actually...this pitcher of orangey goodness looks too good to share!! We completely agree with her though, the colours look so lovely, and this is the perfect drink for a small party!

This may be the most Christmassy drink we've ever seen! Look at those candy canes! This raspberry Baileys combo looks so sugary and creamy, and seems like the best drink to have in front of your favourite Christmas film or TV special!

We can't wait do give a few of these a little try! We'd love to hear about other yummy cocktail recipes you have?

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