Wednesday, 2 December 2015

DIY-Minimal Bunting Advent Calendar

A very merry Blogmas day 2 to you all! Today i'm showing you how to make a minimal alternative advent calendar, for those of you who prefer your Christmas decorations to be a little less in your face! And the best thing, is that you can use it as a normal pin board for the rest of the year!

What you'll need:

1. Cork board & string to hang
2. Different coloured Christmassy fabric
3. Thumb tacks
4. A needle and thread or sewing machine
5. Double sided tape
6. Some sweets!

Step 1. 
Make a template & cut out bunting

I measured my cork board and decided I could fit 24 bunting pockets at 7x7cm. I created a pattern using some card (the back page of a magazine to be precise...) and used this to draw around my fabric. I also put a 1cm seam allowance around the sides of the bunting, but not the top!

I then cut around enough triangles to make enough bunting (front and back pieces). Of course, as you can see, Ernie helped me out!

Step 2.
Cut and sew the binding

I then cut some fabric into 4cm strips to bind the top of the bunting. You could also buy proper binding, and you could also do this a little neater than I did, but as this will only be used once a year I did it the easy way. I sewed across the top with right sides together using a 1cm seam allowance. I then folded that over the top and secured the back down with double sided tape. I also mixed and matched the colours so that the bunting had contrasting binding.

Step 3.
Sew the bunting together & turn through

I sewed down both sides of the bunting with a 1cm seam allowance, and then cut around the stitch to make it easier to turn through. I also made sure I reverse stitched at the ends to keep it secure. I turned the bunting through, ensuring the corners were fully poking out.

Step 4.
Iron the bunting and pin!

I gave the bunting a quick iron and then laid it all out on the cork board. Once I was happy with the layout, I used thumb tacks to pin it to the board. 

I then hung it up on my wall, and now it's ready to fill with sweets! Although I can eat two today as we're already on day 2!

What advent calendars have you got this year?

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