Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Dear Diary- November 2015

Happy Blogmas everyone! This post was meant to go up yesterday but Blogger had a hissy fit and wouldn't work! So today you'll get two posts! Up first is the Dear Diary November edition! 

Where we've been

Both: This month started with us going to a couple of friends parties together, one for bonfire night and another for a house warming. It's been an especially busy month for both of us, as Dave's been in the process of changing jobs and Hayley has been settling into her new role. We finally made it to our Christmas Sparkle (the turning on of the lights in our town), which was nice as we've always missed it in the past. We'll do a post on that as part of our blogmas! We finished November with a trip to Kent though, so we had a chance to relax + do a bit of payday shopping!

What we've been watching

David: As I mentioned in the last Dear Diary, I have quite a few shows on the go, but I'm seriously loving American Horror and have been prioritising it above everything else! I'm a total AHS convert now. Me and Hayley have also started watching the Harry Potter movies and only have 2 left to watch! 

Hayley: This month has been all about Made in Chelsea and Harry Potter! As soon as we finish Harry Potter, we can start watching Christmas films! There have been so many shows like Strictly and Xfactor on, but the older I get, the more and more I hate shows like that!!

What we've been listening to

David: I've been loving the new single from Coldplay, so I'm really looking forward to getting their new album when it's out soon. Aside from that I've been revisiting some old Rufus Wainwright albums, which remind me of the days when I started playing piano! 

Hayley: For some reason i'm listening to a lot of female rappers at the moment! Especially British ones! My favourite is Lady Leshurr! You might have heard her on Radio 1 or 1Xtra, but if you haven't, go and check out her Queens Speeches on Youtube!

What we've bought

David: My favourite purchase has been my Star Wars Xmas sweater. It took 2 weeks to arrive from America but was so worth it! Bought it from a site called TeePublic, which is a bit like Red Bubble but specialises more on apparel. 

Hayley: After last month, i've chilled out a bit with purchases! I have bought myself a couple of winter essentials likes a bobble hat, gloves and a Christmas jumper! I have EVEN started my Christmas shopping (which is good for me...)

Lessons learned and reflections

David: Keep a cool head and go with the flow.

Hayley: Live life to the fullest.

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What have you been up to this month?

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