Thursday, 10 December 2015

An Early Christmas Present

Something a little different for today's Blogmas! After 10 years together, and 18 months hard saving... we have FINALLY bought a house!

This week we exchanged on a new house in our town and we're so so excited! We put a reservation on the house a couple of months back, but these things take time...and we didn't want to jinx it by blogging about it before now. It should be ready for us to move in at the end of Feb/beginning of March, which gives us a little more time to save for furnishings etc! It's build over the old allotments in our hometown where I (Hayley) used to play with my friends when I was little, which I love! And all the roads are named after fruits, which we think is adorable!

We though we'd share some of the pics we've been taking over the past few months as it's being built! We can't wait to get moved in and settled down's been a long time coming! (It's the little 3 storey on the end!)

We'll be blogging about the development of the house in the new year! So keep your eyes peeled! 

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