Tuesday, 15 December 2015

10 Scrooge Statements

Sorry to kill your Blogmas day 15 vibe, but we thought we'd shed some misery to dilute the overbearingly lovey dovey Christmassy posts you've been reading for two weeks. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE Christmas and Winter and all that, but there are also things that we absolute hate heres it is! Merry Christmas!

1. Defrosting the car at 7:30am every morning!

2. Practically playing bumper cars with everyone in the shopping centre. MOVE.

3. Waking up in the dark, and leaving work in the dark...

4. Going into a supermarket for a pint of milk, and coming out with a box of mince pies, a new tree decoration, a tin of Roses, some gingerbread lattes and a selection of cheeses!

5. Getting out of a lovely warm shower or bath into a freezing bathroom!

6. Dark damp weather means less skateboarding (a David specific problem!)

7. The traffic is an absolute nightmare and there is never anywhere to park! You can't nip into town in December. You just can't. You have to put aside at least 5 hours to grab a festive bake from Greggs!

8. X Factor. Sorry if you like it, but it is just awful. And worst of all, they always get to Christmas number 1! This really pisses us off. It's never a Christmassy song! Stop buying the winners single!!

9. Secret Santa. This can be a great thing about Christmas, but get the wrong's rubbish! How am I meant to know what Simon in Marketing is into!? And what the eff can I get him for £5!?

10. Strolling down the street in your sexy new Christmas jumper, and ruining it by slipping arse over tit on black ice!

What roasts your chestnuts this time of year?

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