Sunday, 1 November 2015

Dear Diary- October 2015

Hope everyone is having a great Autumn, and loving everything that we are! It's time for another Dear Diary!

Where we've been

David: At the beginning of the month we met up with my work colleagues and took all the dogs out to our local country park. In total we had 7 dogs running around freely and they all loved it + got on so well together! Ernie enjoyed it a lot too. I also had my birthday on the 20th October, so we celebrated by going out for dinner and having a movie night! I had the day off by myself, so as the weather was lovely I went out for a nice long walk and took lots of autumn themed photos.

Hayley: The first weekend this month was spent visiting my Dad down in Kent which was lovely! It felt like we spent the whole weekend eating! We went shopping one weekend which was fun, and we also went out for David's birthday!

What we've been watching

David: Since this month saw me finish editing all my wedding photos, I now have the time to watch all my favourite shows. Funnily enough, everything I follow has just started a new series! So, I've been enjoying The Walking Dead, The Leftovers & Fargo. I also watched my first ever episode of American Horror Story (the new series with Lady Gaga), so I think I'm going to follow that now as well. I literally went from watching nothing to watching 4 different shows!

Hayley: My guilty pleasure is definitely reality TV/Youtube! It seems all i've watched this month is Made in Chelsea, Towie & Zoella vlogs! 

What we've been listening to

David: Treat number 1 - I went shopping in Northampton and bought the debut album by Oh Wonder. I loved 2 particular singles they released so was keen to hear the full album. Hayley's mum also treated me to 1989 by Ryan Adams as a belated birthday gift! 2 albums I can't wait to listen to a bit more in the car.

Hayley: I've been really stressed out this month with sorting house stuff and changing jobs, so to cheer me up David bought me a few Disney DVDs! This made me want to start playing my Disney CDs again in my car, and this brought back memories of Disneyland Paris

What we've bought

David: Treat number 2 - Whilst in Northampton I picked up a new pair of jeans and winter sweater from H&M, so it was nice to buy new clothes for a change haha! That same day, we also had brunch in a local American diner called Buddies which is awesome. You can't beat the American waffles with a bottomless coffee.

Hayley: I've gone a bit mental this month...As I was starting a new job, I wanted to get some new clothes to wear. So I decided to treat myself, which was well overdue after a year of saving!

Lessons learned and reflections

David: Sometimes you have to broaden your horizons to benefit your future.

Hayley: Patience is an absolute virtue! 

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What have you been up to this month?

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