Sunday, 22 November 2015

7 Tips On Finding The Time To Blog

Blogging has always been a great creative outlet for both of us. Even when we had our old blogs, it was a great way to express our interests and write in a way that suited us. But with full time careers it can be a struggle to fit in extra curricular activities (which we're sure everyone can relate to).

When we move in together we will have a lot more time to blog together. At the moment it's hard to capture our memories when we live in two different homes, and when David's always got the cameras etc, it's hard to crack on with ideas when you get them. Things have also been pretty stressful this Autumn! We've both changed jobs, and we're currently in the process of buying our house (which we'll blog about sooooon). 

But after all the stress, it's always fun to sit and write a blog post! So here are some tips on finding the time to blog...but you can apply it to any hobby if you have busy lives like us!

1. Make the most of the light! In the summer it's easy to blog after work if you want to take pictures, as it doesn't get dark until 9pm. But in the winter the weekend light is everything, and you only have about 16 hours over 2 days to take your photographs. 

2. Write ideas down! So many times we'll be at work and an idea will pop into our heads! It can be frustrating knowing that you have to wait all day to write it, and sometimes a whole week to get the pictures! Write the idea on a piece of paper or in your phone notes so that you don't forget it!

3. Don't force yourself to write if you're not inspired. If you are like us and blogging isn't your full time job, then who cares? Don't take the fun away from your hobby, or else you'll never find the time to do it (because you'll start putting it off like a chore!)

4. Schedule times to post! Plan a little time slot that suits you in advance, or slip it into your to-do list for the week. Amongst all the other things you have going on, it will be a treat to look forward to.

5. Don't feel guilty about doing it! If it was a pottery class or you were part of a sports team you wouldn't feel guilty. It's still a legitimate hobby, so allow yourself the time to blog like you would any other activity!

6. Multitask! Blog while you are making dinner, blog during advert breaks, while you have a load of washing in, blog during your weekend 'lay in' could even blog on the loo? There. We said it.

7. Share a blog with someone! It's much easier when you can share the blog with someone else, because you can spend half the amount of time on it!

What are your tips on finding time to fit in hobbies?

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