Sunday, 4 October 2015

My Illustrations & Some Exciting Career News

Two weeks ago I found out some awesome news that I have been waiting for my whole life.

Ever since I was about 14, I have wanted to be a designer. I soon realised it was my best subject at school, so I ran with it and have been developing my style and skills ever since. I had it all planned out! I would do textile and art GSCES & ALevels, then an Art Foundation at college, then a Fashion Design degree at University, and then i'd get a job as a designer!

I didn't get a design job straight away, although I have worked within the fashion industry for 3 years! But i'm so so excited to say that in 2 weeks, I will be joining the design department where I work as a full time lingerie designer! 

To celebrate, I wanted to share some of the illustrations/designs that I've done over the past 6 years for Uni and my own personal portfolio work. My style is a complete mix media of things and a lot of cut and paste!

What industries do you all work in? Hope you liked my post today!

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