Saturday, 3 October 2015

Dear Diary- September 2015

We are truly stuck into Autumn now, the weather is crisper yet sunny! We have been pretty quiet on the blog lately, and that's because for the best part of September we have been house hunting. But we found a little time (even though it's 3 days later than usual) to write a diary entry for September!

Where we've been

David: Our weekends in September were mainly filled up with house viewings, which is nice as we've spent the last year looking at pictures on right move! So it's nice to actually look around a house and be in the position to make an offer. We also went to 2 gigs together! Foo Fighters on the first weekend of September and James Bay on the last day of September.

Hayley: It feels like this month has been all about the gigs! First there was Foo Fighters at MK Bowl, and then James Bay at Brixton Academy! Both were absolutely incredible, but Foo Fighters was by far the best gig I've even been to. We didn't get round to doing a post about it, but we will this week! We have also spent a great amount of time in and out of estate agents, houses, mortgage advisors, marketing suites, show homes etc! We have also had some nice down time too- taking Ernie for country walks and having a cocktail night with my besties.

What we've been watching

David: The photography geek in me has been loving Richard Hammonds Jungle Quest on Sky 1. It was just really interesting to watch a celebrity getting to fulfil their childhood dream, and in this case it was Richard Hammond becoming a wildlife photographer in the Amazon rainforest.

Hayley: This month has been all about This Is England 90! I've loved This Is England since the film came out, as the soundtrack was all the Ska music I grew up listening to with my Dad. Because of that I have always felt some connection to that subculture and growing up next to the Doc Martens factory played a bit part too! The 3 episodes that have been on so far have all been incredible, hilarious and heartbreaking. Shane Meadows is such a great writer and director, and I'll be sad to see it finish for good.

What we've been listening to

David: As we have Radio 1 on in my office, I've been listening to the Live Lounge month quite a lot. My favourite live sessions have been by John Newman, James Bay, Disclosure, Frances and also Sigala.

However, I got a bit of a suprise on the day James Bay performed..

I totally forgot that a few months ago I entered the Radio 1 Star Caller competition, in which you can apply to receive a phone call from a celebrity of your choice. So as JB was at Radio 1 that day he called up a few fans, and one of them was me! Unfortunately the call didn't make it radio, as they call a few people and use the most entertaining one for the radio, but it was still cool to chat with him!

Hayley: Umm, the first half of this month was very much Foo Fighters and rock music in general. Because I knew I was going to see them, I got all nostalgic to my teenage years and was blasting it all in my car. The end of the month has taken a huge turn and I'm well into Mariah Carey again! Her number 1s album is my go-to car album, because there is nothing better than singing Hero at the top of your lungs on the duel carriage way where NOONE can hear you!

What we've bought

David: I didn't buy anything for myself, but treated Ernie to a ball from Pets At Home that was in the shape of a cow. As it was made of rubber and generally quite tough, I thought it would be quite a long lasting toy. He literally chewed it to pieces in the first 15 minutes of playing with it!

Hayley: Nothing. Because of holiday in June, car tax/insurance/MOT in July/August, I was absolutely broke this month and well into my overdraft. I was determined to put the same amount into savings this months, so after all my bills and expenses, I was left with £15 a week spending money. And I'm so pleased to say I did it! And I even had a little left over at the end! Got to thank Pennies for that one!

Lessons learned and reflections

David: Sometimes you have to make tough decisions to plan for the future.

Hayley: House buying is super stressful. Like, the worst. It sucks the fun out of your life and you will fall out with people.

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