Monday, 19 October 2015

David's Recent Wedding Photography

As you may have seen from a previous post, I was a busy bee back in August shooting weddings. I've only really just finished editing, and have finally handed over the images to last couple who I did photos for!

 Despite having done wedding photos here and there since I was in school (mainly to gain     experience), I have only just found a style of shooting & editing which I am happy with.

However, like most experimental photographers, I still consider myself to be in the learning stage, as you always find ways of doing things better!

Now I'm happy with the photos that I produced a couple of months ago, I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you! All 3 weddings were shot for friends, so I think that definitely made the day feel a lot more relaxed, and made the photos look more natural too.





 If any of you have done wedding photography before, I'd love to hear of your experiences! In the mean time, feel free to visit my new Facebook page!

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