Saturday, 24 October 2015

15 Reasons Why We Love Autumn/Winter

It was back in March (right before we put our clocks forward), that we did our '15 Reasons Why We Love Spring/Summer' post! Tomorrow night the clocks go back again, and we thought this time we'd share our 15 Reasons Why We Love Autumn/Winter!

1. Cosy darker nights in with a blanket and our annual (before Christmas films start) Harry Potter marathon! You can't watch Harry Potter until after halloween. You just can't.

2. Winter wardrobes! Stocking up on soft jumpers, boots, a nice winter coat and scarves!

3. Halloween! We're big kids at heart! We usually go to some sort of halloween party, but this year we're going to stay in carving pumpkins and wait for trick or treaters. We'll probably be dressing Ernie up though...

4. Having the excuse to lay in on weekends. Theres nothing nicer than snuggling under the duvet listening to the rain outside

5. So many beautiful colours outside! Sounds silly, but Autumnal oranges and frosty Winter whites are great for picture taking!

6. Comfort food!! More roasts, stews, pies, soups, puddings, sweets and everything scrummy happens in the A/W! Plus! You get the best seasonal sandwiches in Pret and M&S, and the nicest drinks in coffee shops! Not to mention Greggs festive bakes!

7. Christmas! All things Christmas! Gift buying, tree buying at garden centres, wrapping planning on Pinterest (Hayley), decoration hunting in John Lewis, singing Christmas songs and this year....we'll be doing blogmas!!

8. Brisk winter walks with Ernie! And any excuse to buy him a cute coat. We are currently on the hunt for a new one for him.

9. Our birthdays! When we were younger we were always jealous of the kids who could have summer garden parties with bouncy castles, but as we got older we've embraced the A/W birthday. It's an excuse to go out and eat copious amounts of food with your friends.

10. Winter nights in the pub with your friends drinking the seasonal ciders!

11. New years eve! It's a great excuse to get dressed up & see in the new year with a cocktail or 5!

12. Stocking up on your favourite scented candles! Favourite A/W scents include apple, cranberry, pine and cinnamon.

13. Bonfire night! Like last year, we'll be going to our bestie's house for chilli, hotdogs, sparklers and fireworks! SO excited.

14. Christmas markets and vintage fairs. It's sort of tradition for us to find a cute vintage fair in a quiet village, and then go to their local pub for a roast afterwards!

15.  The last thing we enjoy in Winter is Valentines day! We never go all out, but any excuse to buy a card, dress up and go out for dinner is always a must!

What do you love about Autumn/Winter?

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