Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My Old Videos- Last Day Of Sixth Form

Hello! Here is a very brunette 18 year old me and an EXTREMELY baby faced 18 year old David!

Now it's September, i'm starting to hear more and more people talking about the new year at school, and it made me want to nostalgically watch my old 'last day of school' video. From about the age of 8 or 9, I have been filming me and my friends. My parents used to have one of those huge video cameras in the 90s, and I used that up until I was about 13. Since then I have used various medias from digital cameras, more modern camcorders and now iPhones! 

This is one of my favourite videos to watch because it features my friend Pinnock (aka Matt...aka Butters). Matt sadly died in 2012, and whenever he pops up in this video it brings such a smile to my face! That's him at around 9:09 minutes with the short sleeved brown tshirt waving and discussing whether or not to skip class! Naughty boy! <3

Since I left 6th form I pretty much lost interest in filming, which is crazy because Uni would have been the perfect time to record! But over the past year I have really become interested in vloggers. It didn't hit me until a few months ago why I liked watching vlogs so much, and it was because I used to do that! I didn't upload my videos to anything but I used to just keep them on my laptop. It's made me really want to get back into filming, and I even found myself eyeing up a camera in John Lewis at the weekend! I don't think i'd want to chat to the camera like vloggers do, just make videos like I used to!

Who else likes watch vlogs or making videos?

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